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    Teaching a Class From Hell

    Daemon Spade
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    Teaching a Class From Hell Empty Teaching a Class From Hell

    Post by Daemon Spade on Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:01 pm

    Job Title: Teaching a Class From Hell
    Job Requirements: Your have to have a Passport To the Kingdom Of Kai. good or neutral alignment only. Solo mission only
    Job Location: Kingdom of Kai, Beacon Academy.
    Job Description: In a typical class room in Beacon Academy a normal teacher was sitting at his desk drink a cup of coffee  as his students started to fill in. As Everyone got seated the teacher stood up and looked at the class " Good morning Class it's good to see you all again after such a long break, Now lets get right down to business. Now has everyone got their homework? " The Teacher smiled as he looks at his normal class of students until his eyes fell upon an familiar face. While most of his students knew not to mess with the teacher one student known as Johnathan liked to make life ell for our Favorite Teacher .The teacher walked over and asked the student if he had his homework. A second later the teacher is thrown through the left wall of the classroom landing in the hallway with several large gashes and claw marks through his clothing. Beacon Academy's Dean was forced to place a job poster in every land of Pandora search desperately for a substitute to teach the class for a few days until the original teacher recovers. Also your main objective is to survive.
    Enemies: Students: The deranged and twisted student of your temporary class.
    Weak: Molly and Jing: Twin fox humans who love to pull pranks and make fun of the teacher whom sit in the bad of the class the only thing you'll have to do is dodge spit wads or a few paper airplanes since they leave most of their arsenal in their lockers.
    Normal:Albert and Sophia: a half breed demon ( Albert) and half breed angel (Sophia) couple who spend most of the time just cuddling and off in their own little world. While these two are somewhat harmless they tend to bother the other students.
    Strong: Xaihou Sun: The only real threat and major issue you'll have to be wary of is this diabolic spawn of a werewolf and a vampire. With monstrous strength and a charming demeanor it's best to deal with him carefully and quickly Since this little ball of joy was the one who took down the previous teacher.

    Reward: 10,000

    [b]Usernames:[/b] (Who is going on the Mission?)
    [b]Location:[/b] (Where are you going to complete your mission?)
    [b]Class:[/b] (What classes are the participants?)

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    Teaching a Class From Hell Empty Re: Teaching a Class From Hell

    Post by Fetus on Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:07 pm

    This is a job, not an RP. I don't need a story. Simply "Students took over the classroom and got rid of the teacher!" is enough.

    Requirements is a given. That's Character # Max, Class minimum, and Post count and Word count. Bump when done.


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