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    Eric Kalos


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    Eric Kalos

    Post by Shoni on Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:55 pm

    Name: Eric Kalos
    Nickname: none
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Birthday: 12/29
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: a pair of headphones always around his neck, a notebook with a pen, and a large book

    Eric Kalos is someone who tends to be very quiet and shy around people he doesn't know. This is especially true in large crowds and or gathering of people. However, when he is around his friends and or people he knows very well, he can be very upbeat and cheery. Eric often acts like nothing is wrong even though there may be a large problem looming over his head. His thoughts may lay heavily in his mind, yet he maintains a smile and cheery attitude. Eric is a man full of secrets and mysteries in that no one truly knows him. His cheery additude and broad smile are oftentimes used as a mask in which he uses to hide his true feelings. He tries his best to be strong around people. Even when depressed, his attitude doesn't falter. Excuses such as "it's nothing," "just had a bad night," and or "this weather's pretty neat, huh?" are methods he uses to mask his problems. He tries extremely hard not to worry people about his issues, hence is cheery attitude. At times, Eric tends to be very lazy. He can be usually found just sitting around and not worrying about anything, especially his jobs. Yet, more than once, he has proved that he is not as lazy as people may think him to be by sometimes, perhaps accidentally, picking a job that is a rank above his skill power. Eric is not one to fully pay attention to the details of the job until he has already set foot onto the job location. This comes to show that he can be reckless and leaning a bit towards the idiotic side for grabbing jobs that seem out of his spectrum. Still, Eric is completely capable of completing them despite their difficulty. Eric also wants to find a way to completely perfect his transmutation magic. He wishes that people, especially his parents, not put down his gift. He believes that it is an incredibly important gift, although it may not lead him to large amounts of riches in the long run. The reason in which he tries to perfect his magic and show people its full capabilities is because of the abuse he endured as a child by his own parents.

    In a team, Eric usually stays quiet and reserved, but he will voice his opinions when need be. Due to his timid nature, Eric will more than likely turn down the role of being a leader yet, he works efficiently under one. Inside of battle, Eric transforms into a completely different person. He becomes a highly qualified soldier and fights efficiently. Contrary to his recklessness of his jobs, Eric is quite calculating during battle. He doesn't run blindly into battle, but holds back until the time is right. He shows his intelligence during combat by using the physical objects to his advantage.This is because his magic relies soley on the physical world around him all except for water, air, and a living person for his transmutation magic. Eric may rely heavily on his magic, but is able to hold his own during battle. He isn't one to give up without a fight.

    1.Candy/Sweets: Eric has a bad case of getting sweets with any money he may have left after paying for whatever he has to pay for first before getting any other things like

    2.Reading: Eric views reading as an escape from the real world allowing him to distress as he reads

    3.Writing: Whenever Eric doesn't have a book near him to read he is often seen writing something onto paper weather it be a poem, or an idea for a book he just writes
    1.Spicy food: just as he enjoys sweet Eric dislikes spicy food because he cant seem to handle the heat from the spices on those foods

    2.Fighting: although he knows that fighting can happen at any moment Eric dislikes fighting but knows he'll have to fight if he must

    3.Loud people: He dislikes loud people for one simple reason, they either disturb his reading or kill his muse when writing because of their noise
    1.to show up his parents about his magic: all his life since he discovered his magic power Eric has known only grief from his parents by only making money, however he wishes to show them up by using his magic for more than just making money

    2.perfecting his magic: since he only recently discovered his magic one of his goals is to completely perfect his magic so he can cast with ease

    3.coming out of his shell: due to being picked on when he was younger Eric has always kept to himself out of fear of being made fun of however he truly wishes to become able to talk to people without becoming a nervous wreck

    dying: because of the amount of abuse Eric took when he was younger due to his parents he has become scared of dying due to two incidents where he truly thought he was going to die

    2.mocking: he is afraid of being made fun of due to getting picked on when he was younger for his height from how tall he was when he was young‏

    3.Pitch black darkness: due to his parents locking him away in his room unless they needed him to make them money or to  eat he was locked inside of his room eventually causing him to fear the dark especially when it became pitch black dark

    Eyes: blue
    Hair: blue
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 220
    Complexion: tan


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    Re: Eric Kalos

    Post by Kaseki on Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:09 am


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