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    Tomoyo Hyuga


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    Tomoyo Hyuga

    Post by Swagbito on Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:12 pm

    Name: Tomoyo Hyuūga
    Nickname: Fire Fist Tomoyo
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Age: 23
    Birthday: May 24th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: None.

    Personality: Tomoyo has a calm and upbeat personality. On the occasion,he can be seen as curios,intuitive,and smart. Other times he can be seen as lazy and idiotic. Tomoyo is nice,and cares for his friends no matter what. He likes making new things and trying new things. Tomoyo is smart and lazy,and is occasionally reckless in battle when he just doesn`t care.

    Like said above,Tomoyo is reckless when he doesn`t care in battle. Of course,like any other true ninja,Tomoyo is usually extremely serious in battle. He always has a strategy planned out,which makes him be seen as a strategist. In battle and out of battle,Tomoyo`s personality doesn`t fit his fire chakra nature at all! Just so you know,the fire chakra nature usually is used by rowdy and really reckless ninja.

    Tomoyo eats properly,especially in former meetings. Tomoyo is very nice with old people,respecting his elders. He deals with small children just like he would with an old person,nice and welcome. He is often respected due to his nice and great personality. If a child were to ask him to play hide and seek or ninja,he will often accept their invitation to play,even though he is already a ninja. In fact,the only time he declines is when he has an important mission or meeting to get to. This makes him known by most kids and respected among them. He has sucess among woman and girls,but isn`t interested in fangirls. He thinks they are annoying,but he is still nice to them.

    Overall,Tomoyo has a mixed personality that most can accustom to. He`s nice to his peers and great to have around. He`s also a powerful,serious strategist in battle. This makes him a valuable asset to have in battle. He`s respected and love by most in the village. He even respects his enemies no matter how bad they are.

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    Re: Tomoyo Hyuga

    Post by Kaseki on Tue Dec 23, 2014 3:55 am

    1. Remove the "SELECT CODE" at the top of your app. the "SELECT CODE" is actually a text button.
    2. I'm assuming you're choosing Ninja Town as your origin?
    3. Fire Nature? No. That, and any kind of magic/jutsu needs to stay out of this application.
    4. Race: White? Are you Human? Because not everyone is human here.
    5. Your personality is vague, and repetitive.
    "....reckless in battle when he just doesn`t care. Like said above,Tomoyo is reckless when he doesn`t care in battle. " You literally just said that, and now you are just repeating things to fill up your app. simply turning "Doesn't" to "does not" helps as well, however tells me nothing about your character. You call him smart, lazy, and use all of these random adjectives, yet there is no example or display of this in your personality. The only scenario you've given me is playing hide and seek with a kid... yet in just a few lines before, you say he's a ruthless killer who doesn't care... and he's lazy, but he'll play hide and seek? So what's going on here? You need to explain it all.


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