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    Darkness absolute - done.


    Shadowstep Darkness absolute - done. Empty

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    Darkness absolute - done. Empty Darkness absolute - done.

    Post by Dordur on Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:56 pm

    Name: Darkness Absolute.
    Type: Darkness
    Usage: Conjuration.
    Using the Darkness within, Nura is able to create darkness from nothing and see in darkness.

    1. Passive - The caster is able to see in darkness as he would normally while daytime, however when daytime he can only see 50 M infront of him, everything else is just darkness and nothing else can be seen.
    2. Passive - The user does double damage with swords while facing against his counterpart light mages but also mages using any kind of dark magic of some sort.
    3. 25% speed boost while in pvp or 50% boost when facing against npcs.

    Name: Enhanced sword edge/enhanced armour
    Rank: D.
    Description: The caster enhances their current sword/armour by enveloping it in darkness, this enhances the swords damage by 1 D rank damage or doubling the damage the armour can take.

    • Using this, the sword can be enhanced by 1 D rank damage as mentioned earlier.
    • This also works on armours doubling the damage they can take.


    • The spell can be broken if the sword is shattered or if the armour is broken.
    • If used on an armour, the caster takes 2% damage each round used.
    • If used on a weapon the Mp used to cast this is increased by 5%, decreasing by each level gained until S rank which is when it completely disappears.

    Duration: 3
    Cooldown: 3

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    Darkness absolute - done. Empty Re: Darkness absolute - done.

    Post by Kaseki on Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:52 am

    "Passive - The user does double damage with swords while facing against his counterpart light mages but also mages using any kind of dark magic of some sort."

    No. That goes in your spells as "strengths" this is possible for a BAD stack of damaged.



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