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    Sindra Froleckus

    Sindra Froleckus
    Sindra Froleckus

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    Sindra Froleckus

    Post by Sindra Froleckus on Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:56 pm

    Helmet design:

    Name: Sindra Froleckus
    Nickname: The Dark Wild Card
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 21 years
    Birthday: probably somewhere around March 15th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: He has two scars, one running from his left eye down and one going across his face at the height of the bridge of his nose.

    There's no better way to describe Sindra than to say he's a vicious murderer. He's completely aware of it as well. If he acted on impulses purely he'd easily get shot down, as all he'd do would be reckless killing. Instead he seeks to find a shelter where both his mindset and abilities will be put to use. Sindra doesn't mind obeying others so long as their willing to provide sufficient protection from Sindra's enemies, and not interfere too much with his murders. He can work alone, but prefers to be in a group, as he can rely on them to take care of anyone who he's not specifically interested in targeting. Another interesting aspect is how he handles himself in battle and around others. Interestingly he's very diplomatic despite being so vile, and acts kind to hide his true personality. To protect his identity he also wears a helmet and a black trench coat whenever engaging in illegal affairs, and will even go as far as to help light orgs so he doesn't give himself away. Of course, this means he either can't let his powers be seen by light orgs, or he can't use them in their presence. As of now he has been able to get away with both, but that could all change quickly. In battle he tends to play it defensively, using his summons to attack if he needs to. Once he finds an opening however, he dives in and takes his best shot with his scythe. The last thing that can be said about Sindra is that he is not definitive. As a 'side effect' of being the Wild Card, Sindra's personality is subject to influence if he allows it and the influence is big enough. This is what led to his current nature, and it could happen again some day.

    - Murder
    - Fighting
    - Coffee

    - Peace
    - Justice
    - Sweets

    - Find the rumored "Ultimate-level" Persona
    - Find a group to stand with so he can kill unhindered
    - Make his name known

    - Dying
    - The stronger light organizations
    - Holy beings
    i.e. angels, gods, etc. (More of a disgust than a fear)

    Eyes: Bichromatic (Right - Green, Left - Red)
    Hair: White
    Height: 5'0''
    Weight: 100 lbs
    Complexion: Very Pale

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    Re: Sindra Froleckus

    Post by Sonya on Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:37 pm

    Hm.... All looks good, but i must remind ya that the scythe must be registered In order for you to use it :3

    Other than that....


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