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    Team "X" pt 1

    Sindra Froleckus

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    Team "X" pt 1

    Post by Sindra Froleckus on Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:46 pm

    Job Title: Team "X" pt 1
    Job Requirements: 4 character max. 100 words per post, 8 posts minimum per person, must roll Strong or Boss die.
    Job Location: Anywhere
    Job Description: So as it turns out a town near your area of work has a small group starting to stir. Their goal is to eliminate all evil from the world, and become the greatest villains of all time! Unfortunately, they're nothing too special. You thought you might as well teach them who's boss.
    P.S. You can choose the organization's name!
    Enemies: Yes
    Weak: Civilian x10: These are people who just got caught up in the whole thing. They'll run from you if you try to intimidate them, or you can attack them, it's up to you. They have no way of fighting back after all, and can be defeated by a single physical attack.
    Normal: Grunts x5: These are the grunts of Team "X." They're still weak, and wield simple farmers tools. A D-Rank attack should be enough to finish them off, and they deal half D-Rank Damage with their attacks.
    Strong: Organization Head: A boss who's name, personality, and design are entirely up to you! Even his methods of attacking are customizable, but here are the rules that you must follow:
    He is treated as a D-Rank enemy, and deals D-Rank damage with his attacks.
    It will take at least 3 D-Rank hits to down him.

    Note: If he's defeated and you have the sufficient post count, the job is considered finished. If your post count is insufficient or you want to keep fighting for some reason, both strong and boss rolls will be counted as normal rolls
    Boss: If rolled, treat as if you've rolled a strong die.

    Reward: 1 D-Rank Dice Roll

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