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    Name: Isobu
    Nickname: Three-Tailed Demon (Sanbi)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Bijuu (Turtle Crab)
    Age: Unknown
    Birthday: Unknown
    Unique Characteristics: The Sanbi primarily resembles a turtle that is armored in a gray crab-like shell. Its body is somewhat spherical with the exception of the spikes running along the shell on its back and forehead. The Sanbi possesses smooth purple skin underneath his shell and more notably at the bottom of its stomach and tails. This skin is leathery smooth which aids the Sanbi in maneuvering underwater quicker with the additional aid of its immense tails. The shell of the Sanbi which is by far its most notable feature, covers many portions of the Sanbi including its back, head, arms, shoulders, and even tails. This spiked armor is incredibly thick and can protect the Sanbi comparably to plated armor. The spikes that the shell possesses are fairly small despite the large size of the shell. The Sanbi also possesses a pair of human arms and hands, but no hind legs. This makes the Sanbi more incapable of effectively moving on land whist crawling. The eyes of the Sanbi are pure abyssal black with dark red irises that hunger for blood. The Sanbi being the Three-Tailed Bijuu possesses three tails that are covered in shell spikes. They are large and wide which the Sanbi uses to propel itself in the depths.    
    Training: 2,000 Words (Partial), 4,000 Words (Complete)
    Thick Skin: The user takes half damage from all physical attacks
    Turtle Bomb: All Non-Elemental Jutsu cost 50% less Chakra to use, rounded down. (This effects only jutsu)
    Brute Force: The user's level is regarded as 15 levels higher in terms of power, strength, defense, and force.
    Nemo: The user gains the Water Element, in addition to their own.

    Personality: The Sanbi is very quiet and naive with relatively no intellectual comprehension. Being more of a brute type, it is incapable of thinking clearly and thus tends to be mute. Being aligned with that of the water the Sanbi takes its home in the depths of the seas and lakes of the ninja world. Because of its secretive habitat it is rarely seen to human eyes unless it goes above the surface for whatever means it has. The Sanbi loves to swim and is extremely fast underwater. Its elite swimming ability is unmatched by any other species of animal despite its huge size. It looks upon sea creatures as his children and thus protects them like family by whatever means necessary. This in turn has caused him to randomly attack local fishermen that has killed one of his fish, which through the course of many years has given him the nickname 'Sea Monster'. In relation to its Host, the Sanbi is very submissive to the Host's desires because of its lack of ability to think for itself. It speaks in short abbreviated sentences if not at all.

    - Bloodshed
    - Death
    - Being lazy
    - Silence
    - Swimming

    - Too much work
    - Talking (To others)
    - Humans

    - Freedom
    - Living in the sea
    - Protecting all sea creatures
    - A host who loves the sea

    - A host who hates the sea
    - Fishermen
    - Droughts

    Eyes: (What color are you eyes?)
    Hair: N/A
    Height: 80m
    Weight: Unknown
    Complexion: Burgundy

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