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    Son Goku


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    Son Goku

    Post by Admin on Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:01 pm

    Name:Son Goku
    Nickname: Four-Tailed Demon (Yonbi)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Bijuu (Ape)
    Age: Unknown
    Birthday: Unknown
    Unique Characteristics: The Yonbi resembles that of a giant ape although with more distinct and ferocious features. The light layer of hair that covers him is short and crimson with a blood red tone. Although despite is appearance his fur is actually quite soft and prickly. His hair covers nearly all of his body except for the areas such as his chest and palms. These areas which are bare with hair reveal the Yonbi's raw skin color which is tan in nature. The Yonbi itself is very large with mammoth muscles and a brute frame. Given its monkey-like characteristics its arms are very large while his legs are small. Because of this physical formation the Yonbi can maneuver on both all fours or on his hind legs if wished. Having humanoid like characteristics given its primate features the Yonbi possesses the same muscle composition as a person, which include arms, legs, face and body. The face of the Yonbi is very outspoken and large. His face is covered with his red hair that comes down into a massive beard which hangs off his chin. Its mouth is gaping wide that bares strong teeth and powerful jaws. His eyes shine with orange with red around the rim. On the forehead of the Yanbi are two conjoined horns that come together and branch off on each side of the Yonbi's head. These horns which are commonly mistaken for intrusions are situated into somewhat of a crown, possibly symbolizing the Yonbi's bestial power over all animals. Behind the Yonbi are four small tails that are coated with its fur which represents his ranking amongst the Tailed Beasts. These tails possesses black intervals along their base and their body.
    Training: 3,000 Words (Partial), 4,000 (Complete)
    Lava Release: The User obtains both Fire, and Earth Elements.
    IAMARNOLD: User is able to life things up to x3 their own weight. (This is their base weight. While this increased strength, it does not increase durability.)
    This Is Why I'm Hot: User takes 50% less damage from all fire attacks. (Note, this is based on the amount of fire in the attack. If the attack is only half fire-based, then it will be 25% less damage.)

    Personality: The Yonbi is very stubborn and arrogant to nearly anyone or thing he comes across. It is without a doubt that he is very hardheaded and tends to use destruction and chaos as an answer to nearly any situation. In his mind he is always right and being wrong is a extremely rare occasion for himself. He doesn't pay attention to the ideas of others especially to that of his Host. He is a self thinker and provider who feels he is the greatest leader in the world, even amongst the other Tailed Beasts. With his 'Role With Me Or Get Rolled Over' attitude he feels as though he should always come first and should be in the front line of any situation giving the commands. Those who test him are usually killed between his fingers or eaten. Although very malicious the Yonbi is also a good tactician and fighter whom was crafted in the heat of battle. He is good at discovering flaws in enemy tactics and exploiting them to get the upper hand. However under any tactic he formulates, all usually end in him getting into the field and bashing something, or someone. With his monstrous power over lava the Yonbi is quite a troublemaker who has wrecked havoc over many villages througout the centuries. He has eradicated small islands with volcanic eruptions and wrecked chaos over easily toppled villages. In relation to his Host, the Yonbi is very outspoken and honest about his hatred for being sealed. It is quite common for him to throw strings of slurs at his Jinchuuriki from within.

    - Power
    - Destruction
    - Himself

    - Weak Humans
    - Taking Orders
    - Jinchuriki

    - Controlling everything
    - Limitless power
    - Crushing everyone and everything

    - A Weak Host
    - Becoming weak himself
    - Someone stronger than him

    Eyes: Orange
    Hair: Redish
    Height: 98m
    Weight: Unknown
    Complexion: Unknown

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