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    Post by Admin on Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:03 pm

    Kokuo 300px-Kokuo

    Name: Kokuō
    Nickname: Five-Tailed Demon (Gobi)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Bijuu (Dolphin Horse)
    Age: Unknown
    Birthday: Unknown
    Unique Characteristics: The Gobi is a very interesting Bijuu having the conjoined physical qualities of both a horse and a dolphin. Its head which tributes to its dolphin qualities is very long, narrow and white. The mouth of the Gobi is very wide, even passing halfway down his face. His mouth is always seen in a slight frown where they begin to curve downward near the lips corners. Its blue eyes are very large and round, but which are usually mooned by the creatures angry brows. On the top of the Gobi's head are five white horns which branch off its head and turns more yellow as they reach the tip. Out of the total of five horns, three or rowed in the front while the two are behind. The neck of the Gobi is very long and flexible giving the creature limitless angles at which it can move its head. Despite the fact that its head contains really small white hairs, the Gobi's body is really large and hairy. Like that of a horse its body is large and bulky which is covered in fluffy white fur. The legs of the Gobi are that of a horse, being thin, strong and having hooves. Behind the Gobi are five long serene white tails which represents its ranking for being the Fifth-Tailed Demon.
    Training: 4,000 Words (Partial), 4,000 Words (Complete)
    Hot Water: The user gains the Water and Fire elements in addition to their own.
    Kind Heart: If the user has Ninja Town as their origin, they may use Medical Jutsu techniques.

    Personality: The Gobi is very nature-loving and meticulous. Over the centuries it has rarely been indulged in the activity of man and tends to live peacefully inside the forests of Grass Country. It is very spiritual and open-minded about things in the world which tends to give it the image of a sage. It is a true believer of 'balance' within the universe and that everything in equal on a more philosophical level. Like its ability the Gobi is very in-tune with nature and the elements. He loves to nurture plants and wildlife and preserve their safety from harsh forces, whether human or natural. Whilst he is very protective of his forests and will wreck chaos on anything that damages them. Gobi is a very peaceful Bijuu until tempted to be otherwise. There have been occasions where he has killed numerous travelers and nomads who took refuge in his forests and slaughtered his wildlife. In relation to his Host, the Gobi is very helpful and reliable. It will to help its jinchūriki with resourceful information to help themselves and even their comrades. But in return it wants the jinchūriki to learn about wildlife and appreciate the balance of life.

    - Nature
    - Intelligence
    - Animals & Wildlife

    - Human activities
    - Ignorance
    - Destruction

    - Acquiring new information
    - Protecting the forests
    - Finding a formidable host

    - A chaotic Jinchuriki
    - Lost of forests
    - Being stuck with Kaseki again

    Eyes: Sky Blue
    Hair: Bone White
    Height: 88.5m
    Weight: Unknown
    Complexion: Ivory

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