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    Name: Saiken
    Nickname: Six-Tailed Demon (Rokubi)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Bijuu (Slug)
    Age: Unknown
    Birthday: Unknown
    Unique Characteristics: The Rokubi has the appearance of a giant white slug covered in mucus. It has a body that is stumpy and blubbery. Its head is somewhat spherical shaped and covered with the beasts slime. Its eyes are small and beady which are situated like a slug at the top of its head sticking out. Its mouth is covered with slime which drips down off of its face, making pocket holes of space which shows the inside of is mouth. The Rokubi although not having arms, has two very small feet at the bottom of its immense body. Its feet are covered by the body's fat making only the toes visible. Behind the Rokubi are six ooze covered tails which represent its ranking as being Six-Tailed demon. The milky mucus of the Rokubi is very foul and nauseating.
    Training: 1,000 Words (Partial), 4,000 Words (Complete)
    Ooey Gooey: The user may use Acid techniques if their origin is Ninja Town
    It Flows: The user gains the Water element in addition to their own.
    Bubble!: All water based jutsu cost 50% less chakra to use.

    Personality: The Rokubi is a silly demon on entertains himself in making stupid remarks and teasing others with his childish voice. He's a very lighthearted and carefree creature who although contains monstrous power, is still very innocent. He loves to play with creatures of all kinds, whether human or animal. But because of his odd appearance and smell those who become close to him tend to run away, leaving him occasionally lonely. One of his niches is chasing animals across swamps and valleys although thinking that them running in fear is a game. He also loves to sit by trees and snore all day, which to those unfamiliar with it can be mistaken as a gargantuan giant. Being open to humans he would frequently come on merchant roads and tell stories to passengers about his experience in the woods. Some find it amusing, while others are paralyzed in fear. Whilst the Rokubi has no understanding of human emotion, but rather blinds himself with his own amusement. Unlike the other Tailed Beasts the Rokubi has almost never used his ability to cause harm, even to those who threaten him. Because of this he doesn't understand the full power of his ability besides burping bubbles. In relation to his Host he Rokubi loves to interact with the person and tell them jokes. Being nice in nature he doesn't need to be as tamed as the other Bijuu, but only guided.

    - Being annoying
    - Playing with others
    - Goofing off
    - Telling stories
    - Sleeping

    - Silence
    - Doing nothing
    - Angry people
    - Loud People

    - Adventure
    - A fun host
    - Not having a host and being free in the wild

    - Dark caves
    - Isobu when he's hungry
    - Heights

    Eyes: Ebony black
    Hair: N/A
    Height: 76m
    Weight: Unknown
    Complexion: Lavender

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