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    Evastryka, Bjorn D.

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    Evastryka, Bjorn D.

    Post by Ser Random on Wed Apr 22, 2015 1:28 pm

    Evastryka, Bjorn D.
    "The Lazy Lion"
    March 17
    Unique Characteristics:

    Bjornn was raised around money, ever since he was young. His family consisted of only sailors and money grubbing merchants. They were constantly sailing on ships, and since they were typically up in stock whether it be money or valuables there were no worries when it came to having something they truly wanted. No specific specializations were set on the ship, wheeling and dealing with anything they could get their hands on. Money, money, money...Bjorn's parents made sure that he and his older brothers had anything that they would want or need while on the ship. They even payed for someone to spend time on the ship and teach them what a normal child would learn in school. Stacking that on top of the knowledge that their parents were to teach them about being a merchant.

    Out of all the things that Bjorn was taught pirates and pirate defense was what really stuck with him in the end. At one point he demanded that someone be brought on board to teach him specifically about pirates and how to defend yourself. Being the bratty little shit he was he chose to spend his time how he felt was deserved. Odd hours of any time of day were spent training his skills, the master was trained well in the arts of the battle axe. So as you could guess Bjorn was given one of his very own to learn with. This lead him into lots of trouble when it came upon certain subjects like pirates, money. Almost always causing a fight when someone wouldn't let him have his way or crossed him.

    After a few years of maturing and mellowing out, Bjorn's older twin brothers took over the "company" his parents established. Leaving him and his younger sister be lackeys. As you're already assuming this majorly pissed Bjorn off so much that he decided to split from his family and go on his own way. Contemplating his choices there was truly one thing that he could do to enjoy his freedom and get the one thing in life he wanted. Become a pirate. With that being said Bjorn's lifestyle pretty much became doing what he wanted, whenever he wanted with no problems.

    Sun - Bjorn is extremely lazy, you could probably compare him to a lizard because he enjoys wasting time just basking in the sun. Even though he sends a large amount of time in the sun he is still pale?
    Food - What lazy person doesn't like food? Bjorn is like a never ending dump when it comes to food, always eager to try something new or eat whatever is in front of him.
    Money - Money makes the world go round. Bjorn being born on a merchant ship has a craving for money that rivals that of his craving for food. One day he hopes to be a face of money.


    Being Rudely Awoken - Bjorn is one of the laziest people you would meet, I mean you could pit him against a sloth in a lazy contest and he might win. What he hates most is when people wake him up from naps before hes ready to be motivated.
    Being Victim of Theft - Some would say that Bjorn enjoys money more than life itself, so stealing from the man isn't that great of an idea. It takes a lot to get him made, and this is a bit more than a lot.
    Liers - Talk about bottom of the bucket, Bjorn believes that people who lie are the scum of the earth and he will hunt them down if they screw him over. Liers are extremely misleading and cause all sorts of problems because they're weak.


    Become a well known pirate - It has been Bjorn's dream ever since he heard his first pirate legend to become exactly that a pirate of the legends that will always be remembered in some way.
    Raise a Massive Bounty - One of the legendary things that people remember about pirates is their bounty. Bjorn plans on raise his bounty to one that has never been achieved in history, maybe becoming the face of money that way.
    Being Broke - Nobody like beings broke at all, and to prevent himself form becoming broke Bjorn must become extremely strong and able to handle his own in any situation.

    Being Broke - Bjorn wishes to become the face of money. You can't be the face of money if you have no money, he was raised around money all his life and plans to never be broke.
    Non-napping People - Everyone could use a nap in their day. It makes you less grumpy and relieves a lot of stress, plus you're never tired.
    Death - Death before accomplishments, Bjorn is a really ambitious person and plans to do a lot of things in his life and dying before doing any of those would mean he wouldn't reach Valhalla.

    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Blonde
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Complexion: Unblemished Pale.
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    Re: Evastryka, Bjorn D.

    Post by Andr01d on Wed Apr 22, 2015 2:30 pm

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