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    Babysitting the Elderly(Rin's F to D Rank Exam)

    Rin Moriyama

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    Babysitting the Elderly(Rin's F to D Rank Exam)

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Mon May 11, 2015 10:49 pm

    Rin had just arrived in Halloween Town. It was certainly a very "spooky" kind of place. Rin had come here at the request of Teemo. He had asked her to take care of an old man who lived here for the day. This was to be Rin's 'exam'. To be honest, she would have liked more of a challenge but with the attack going on, it could not be helped. Rin planned to head straight to her guild master's side once she had completed the exam to aid in the battle. Rin had to find her way to the old man's house which only took roughly fifteen minutes with the directions Teemo had given to Rin. The lightning mage, walked right up to the front door and rang the doorbell, almost 3 minutes later, an short elderly man with a kind smile opened the door. "Ah, you must be the young lady Teemo told me was going to come keep me company today. Please, come in." Rin nodded and proceeded inside at the man's invitation. The old man showed Rin to the living room. The room was decked out like it was Halloween in a good way. Definitely not like the rest of the town, which felt creepy. Then again, that was most likely because of the dark energy circulating in the area. Rin smiled at the old man who had taken a seat in the comfy-looking recliner and then looked at the clock. "Oh, it's already past noon, would you like me to fix you something for lunch?" The old man looked up at Rin and smiled warmly. "Yes, I would love some lunch, can you make me some cream of wheat?" Rin nodded. "Sure, just wait and I'll go make some now!" Rin dashed off into the kitchen to go make his lunch.

    Now, in his kitchen, she began to look around for ingredients to make it from scratch. First, Rin gathered all the ingredients then began to mix all of them together and then cooked it. The scent of cinnamon, bananas, and other tantalizing ingredients filled the air. Once it was ready, Rin poured the cream of wheat into a bowl and carried it out on a tray. "Here you go, one bowl of pipping hot cream of wheat with bananas and cinnamon~" The old man seemed to be overjoyed when Rin placed the bowl on a tv tray in front of him. "Just be carefu, its super hot, okay?" The man nodded as he picked up the spoon that was sticking out of the side of bowl. The old man, blew on it a few times before putting the bite of cream of wheat in his mouth carefully. Upon tasting it, his eyes widened. After eat a few more bites, the old man looked at Rin with a big smile. "This is the best cream of wheat I've ever had!" Rin got a big grin on her face at the old man's words. "Glad you like it!" The old man quickly ate the rest of his cream of wheat happily. After that, Rin went on to do chores around the house for him. She washed the dishes, did the laundry, vacuumed, and other chores as well. Once she had done all those things, she joined the old man in the living room to watch TV with him. They enjoyed some friendly conversation. When it was time for Rin to head home, all of a sudden, the man started to struggle in pain before dropping to the floor. He had a heart attack. Rin couldn't very well have the man die on her, he was a new friend. She didn't want a friend to die right in front of her. With not a lot of time to think about it, she charged her hands full of lightning and put her hands over where his heart was, giving the man a shock for about a minute. The man started breathing again. Rin was so relieved, she started to cry. Seeing this, the old man hugged Rin gently. "It's okay Rin, I'm still alive, thanks to you." He said as he gently petted her hair, trying to calm Rin down. Once she was calm again, Rin wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled again. Now that she had made sure he was going to be okay, she took her leave and headed for home.



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