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    Ophelia Katulai

    Ophelia Katulai

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    Ophelia Katulai

    Post by Ophelia Katulai on Wed May 27, 2015 9:48 pm

    Name: Ophelia Katulai
    Nickname: Ophe is the most common nickname.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human supposedly, at least that is what she claims and believes herself to be.
    Age: 23
    Birthday: September 9th
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Unique Characteristics: Ophelia wears many dresses, some she makes herself, and some she claims are "one of a kind vogue fashion". The young woman tends to dress quite frivolously to flaunt her wealth(Although it's quite nonexistent up until now).

    Personality: Don't let her gentle look fool you. Though she can be polite and lady-like, Ophelia is haughty, narcissist and selfish. She sees herself and her peers at a higher level than everyone else (even if that may not be the case) and does not tolerate 'peasants'. Ophelia is also rather lethargic and lazy, not wanting to do things for herself if she can prevent it. She also has a bad habit of acting like a know-it-all despite the fact she is quite an ignorant person since she is still relatively young. On the other hand, she is quite an emotional person and can get easily upset. She has high standards and is easily enchanted with whimsical things such as lace, tea, and silk attire. Ophelia likes to keep things organized and precise, she's very uptight and gets flustered when things don't go according to plan. She usually sticks the blame on other people if things aren't in his favor because she's "better than that".  She cherishes fashion and anything that glitters, and she can resort to thievery if she is not offered what she wants. Her conceited behavior usually causes people to hate her at first, but as one continues to speak with her and gain trust, she occasionally shows a more tender side, something that people believe would never exist on her body. Although as vain and self-centered as she can make herself out to be, Ophelia actually cares quite considerably for her friends, yet shows affection in the form of negativity or violence. Ophelia is still young to the world, and needs to learn more in order to connect better and act less erratic in battle.
    In battle Ophelia had a grim way of looking at violence, she demonstrates a very childish and ignorant behavior. She is always seen smiling, and laughing at the demise of others. Her often bubbly behavior in battle masks a very sociopathic individual, and she has shown a high degree of sadism.

    - Dresses; It's a given.
    - Fighting; What can you say? It makes her feel powerful.
    - Cute/frivolous items; It's also a given.

    - Her red hair; There was one a time where she enjoyed her red locks, but now she is constantly trying to find new ways to cover it, such as dyeing it or cutting it. Currently she's using the cutting method.
    - Flith; It's self explanatory.
    - Humid weather; It ruins her makeup.

    - Fortune; She wants to have enough to support herself once more.
    - Family; Ophelia wants to bring honor for not only herself, but for her family.
    - Travel; It is odd, but she has a thirst for adventure, which would never be suspected out of someone like her.

    - Dirt; If there is anything she is disgusted by the most, it would be dirt since it could easily ruin her fashionable clothing.
    - Insects; She doesn't even know why they were even created. If one is spotted by her, prepare to hear a lot of screaming.
    - Her own flaws; She is very critical of her own self. Although she may appear to be conceited, behind the scenes Ophelia hates who she has become.

    Eyes: An icy blue
    Hair: Short and a vibrant red
    Height: Ophelia is actually quite short, being 5'3", however she wears heels to compensate.
    Weight: It's quite rude to ask, but she is 135 pounds.
    Complexion: Rather pale, yet in certain lights you can see freckles and a few scars on her skin she hadn't yet managed to rub off.
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    Re: Ophelia Katulai

    Post by Neo Stigma on Wed May 27, 2015 10:31 pm



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