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    Book 2: Defensive


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    Book 2: Defensive Empty Book 2: Defensive

    Post by Kaseki on Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:42 am

    Legend's Trio, Frozen Wonderland:
    Description: Long ago there was a spirit who watched over the land. They called this being, the Avatar. The Avatar was master of all the elements of the world. It was said that a kingdom threatened to take over the land, it was the Avatar's duty to fight back the army. After many years of constant fighting the Avatar found himself desperately injured. Determined to save the world, he bestowed his power into a trio of birds on his death bed. He gave one the gift of ice, another the gift of lightning, and the third the gift of fire. These birds would fly high over the resistance, giving powers to those that fought for the Avatar.
    Ability: The user gains the Gift of The Frost.
    Useage: Gift of The Frost: The user is able to create Frost Shields out of thin air. The shields can withstand 1 C-Rank spell hit. Each time the Gift if The Frost is cast, three shields are made with a diameter of one meter. The shields last until destroyed. (Cooldown is 5 posts, can only be used 3 times per thread.)
    Yuki: User gets the Ice element, in addition to their own

    Genbu, the Black Tortoise:
    Description: There were once five great beasts. They protected each of the four corners of the earth with incredible powers, with the fifth living in the center. Their enormous power was too much as the world advanced, so they decided to become part of the earth itself and grant power to chosen humans. Genbu was the guardian of the North.
    Ability: Those who have received Genbu's power earned the ability to manifest his shell to defend themselves.
    Useage: The user can create a black liquid which then becomes a tortoise shell in front of the user. It can reflect any attack below B rank sending it right back at the user, but will break when hit by a B rank or higher spell. It can be used 2 times per thread with a 7 post cooldown.

    Fence Master:
    "There once was a man named John
    Intruders invaded his lawn
    So John, the young brain
    So not to bring pain
    Built a fence and trouble was gone"
    It is said by this poem passed down throughout generations that there was a disgruntled man who once built a fence capable of keeping anything off of his property, which was constantly invaded by thieves and delinquents alike. No one was quite sure how he did it, but it is a assumed it had to do with some kind of odd repulsion magic.
    Ability: John's descendants, oddly enough, can now erect fences with magic!
    Useage: The user can create a  3 meter tall magic fence in three different formations: a line, a circle, or a zigzag, with 10 meters being the max amount of fencing. Anything that touches it will receive D rank damage and a 20 meter knock back. It can't be destroyed, but can be jumped over if the jumper doesn't touch it. The user suffers the same consequences if they touch it. It can be used 3 times per thread with a 10 post cooldown.


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