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    The Demon's Bank! (Akira ;p)

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    The Demon's Bank! (Akira ;p)

    Post by Akira on Fri May 29, 2015 7:42 pm

    Akira's Bank

    - Akira

    - Takeover/Requip

    - Weather Master


    - Nuibari

    - Demon's First Armour
    - Demoness' Protection

    - Underworld Relic 8
    - Wind Demon Lacrima
    - Metal Dragon Lacrima
    - Roshi Token


    [Ongoing Tasks]

    [Completed Tasks]
    - Deliver the Package



    [Ongoing Threads]

    [Completed Threads]
    - The Crossroads
    - A Vacation?
    -The Journey Continues
    - Life Goes on
    - The Demon's Nightmare
    - So Much Iron.
    - Return To Paradise Island
    - Sandy Beginnings
    - A Different Set of Terms


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