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    C-Rank: The Hunt

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    C-Rank: The Hunt

    Post by Koth "Hammerborn" on Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:36 pm

    Job Title: The Hunt
    Job Requirements: C-Rank. 1 Mage only. 250 words per post, 15 posts Must roll the monster dice 4 times.
    Job Location: Forgotten Isles
    Job Description: An extremely wealthy man has grown bored of his playboy lifestyle. In a desperate attempt to relieve the boredom, he has spread word far and wide that he is looking for a person who can survive being hunted by him for 24 hours.
    The hunt will take place on the man's own private island in the Forgotten Isles; it is covered in exotic wildlife, and aside from the docks and the cabin next to it, there are no signs of human interference. After half an hour's head start, the man will set out and hunt you down. You must survive for 24 hours without leaving the island, or confront the man directly and defeat him.
    Weak: Parrot: These birds don't pose much of a threat, but they will squawk loudly when they notice you, giving away your position to the wealthy man. They should be taken care of for that reason. A good hit from a D-rank spell will defeat them, but they are agile.
    Normal: Tiger: These predators are the top natural hunters of the island, and will not hesitate to attack a human that crosses their path. Takes 2 C-rank spells to defeat.
    Strong: Wealthy Man's Butler: Jeeves, the wealthy man's butler, is also taking part in the hunt. He is a C-rank Nature mage who attacks using the local flora. He has a walkie-talkie connected to the wealthy man, so if you find the butler, the wealthy man will follow shortly. If you kill the butler, the wealthy man deducts the new butler hiring wages from your payment, cutting it in half; try to subdue him without killing him.
    Boss:The wealthy man himself is the boss of this mission. He is a B-rank mage who uses Gun Magic, and uses an enchanted hunting rifle to hunt you down. His bullets are semi-homing, and do 1 B-Rank damage each; he can fire one each post. You can either avoid him for 24 hours or defeat him in order to finish the job.

    Reward: For surviving, the wealthy man gives you 5,000 coins.

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    Re: C-Rank: The Hunt

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