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    Zinnia -The Bright Flower

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    Zinnia -The Bright Flower

    Post by Zinnia on Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:40 pm

    Name: Zinnia
    Nickname: Nia (She'll murder you if you call her this)
    Gender: Female
    Race: Wolf
    Age: 4 & 1/2 Years (20 in wolf years)
    Birthday: May 5th.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: A scar is running down the back of her left back leg, speculated to be from some sort of badger attack, and she usually likes to wear a scarf, for unknown reasons. She also has a scar across her back. She also has a variety of multi-colored feathers near her head, sort of like a hat. Gets a +5 to her speed, and she can talk.

    Personality: With a rough, get-it done attitude, Zinnia is often praised on her great leadership skills, integrity, perseverance, and the ability to understand when to take risks, and when isn't the best time. She can be pretty stubborn about things, but will usually back off once she realizes she is wrong, or now isn't the right time to be arguing. While she does have a very strong sense of pride, she can experience humility, especially during training, leadership and political exercises, as she enjoys doing these, learning about the different cultures, myths, and history of other lands. She also is elated when she explores other lands, which is why she enjoys serving as an ambassador for many lands. But, as a traveler, she doesn't necessarily have to do anything 'legal' when it comes to crossing borders. But she is an expert when it comes to negotiating things, especially if they have to do with economy or politics, as those are her expertise. She is generally pretty cold and hard to get information out of, as she doesn't exactly like to speak, despite her cunning tongue, so it gives her a very mysterious aura. She can be a bit testy if you happen to catch her in a bad mood, but generally she will be very quiet if she's in a bad mood. So if she is trying to ignore you, just..... don't annoy her.

    Like her normal personality, Zinnia is very cunning and quick on her feet during battle, and shares almost the exact same personality when fighting. She will tend to be very quiet, as she is usually concentrating, and will only shout out insults if she believes the opponent is close-minded or dull, and thinks that shouting something will make them lose control of themselves, therefore giving therefore giving her a better opening for attack. She is very tactical and conserving, using her resources to the best of her abilities. Not a single thing will be gone to waste if there is any financial or battle-worthy property behind it.

    -As stated above, Zinnia enjoys traveling, hence why she is a traveler, and doesn't like to be in one place, or pack, for a long period of time.
    -Sometimes, if she is in a good mood, she will enjoy messing with people. Not like, full out pranks, more or less confusing them with her quick tongue.
    -Loves to run.
    -Enjoys spending extended periods of time by the water.
    -Her favorite meal is elk and bison.
    -She enjoys training, and pushing herself to her physical, mental, and emotional limits.

    -When things don't go according to plan.
    -Getting her fur very dirty. Since she's a wolf, she can mind being a bit dirty, but if she is downright drenched in dirt and leaves, she will flip.
    -Because of the strain she puts on herself, she doesn't enjoy taking it easy, as she believes this to be the coward's way out.

    -Her mother and father abandoned her when she was young, so she is determined to prove them wrong about her being worthless.
    -Her great strive to achieve great political power and money.
    -The feel to protect her closest friends at all costs.

    -She fears heights, due to an accident when she was younger.
    -Easily disgusted by wolves who have hit such a rock bottom that they've resorted to eating disgusting, month old road kill, as this would disgust anyone.
    -Is deathly afraid of spiders.

    Eyes: One orange, another blue.
    Hair: Her fur is a beautiful silvery color, with a hint of tan.
    Height: 4'6"
    Weight: 136 Ibs.
    Complexion: Pale.

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    Re: Zinnia -The Bright Flower

    Post by Andr01d on Sat Jul 04, 2015 2:59 pm

    [20:11:27] @ Kaseki : Are you bipedal or fourlegged.
    [20:11:29] @ Kaseki : ?
    [20:13:11] Zinnia : Four legged



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