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    Stained Poison Claws

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    Stained Poison Claws Empty Stained Poison Claws

    Post by Zinnia on Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:14 pm

    Name: Stained Poison Claws
    Type: Weapon
    Rank: Strong
    Description: Stained Poison Claws Aa7f2a0c2517eca62da2e8acf0667b0b
    They have a slight, greenish hint, and are more wolf-like in shape. They are also a bit more worn from years of use, and are a bit light in color.
    -They are stained with poison, as the name suggests, and can cause serious damage if they touch you, and even more serious damage if it gets in your blood stream.
    -The poison is a neurotoxin, so it effects the nerves and the brain, causing hallucinations.
    -The claws are only as strong as Zinnia's claws, if just a little sharper, so it cannot cut through anything, like, say, as hard as rock, or with very strong scales, or shells. Her claws are about strong enough to tear through human skin/animal skin and flesh.
    -The claws are old, and, like anything made of iron, will rust if put underwater, and may even break.
    -No range
    -Hard to take on and off
    Ability: As mentioned above, the claws are not only used for protection, but they are also incredibly dangerous. If they scratch someone, or touch someone, they can infect you. This poison can cause headaches and nausea. If scratched, and the poison actually enters the bloodstream, it can cause effects much worst, such as hallucinations. Other side effects have also been recorded.

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    Stained Poison Claws Empty Re: Stained Poison Claws

    Post by Nameless on Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:45 pm

    Stained Poison Claws 2r27uq1
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