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    Post by Emerald on Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:01 pm

    Name: Emerald
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Neither, but uses she/her/herself pronouns.
    Race: Gem
    Age: 11,000 years old
    Birthday: March 30th
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Unique Characteristics: Emerald usually wears a dress that is cut at the thigh, and has no sleeves. It also has a very fluffy neck ring, that can conceal her mouth if need be. She is a gem, and although genderless, she looks like a female..What she looks like, except she has two eyes, a normal mouth. Her centipede form looks like this. It is about the same size as her human form, and about twenty feet long.

    Personality: Emerald is very sweet, and has an overall caring attitude, being especially friendly and helpful when she is around people she knows, and being as motherly and a good teacher when around children. Well, considering that she is as old as she is, Emerald pretty much considers any human a child, and generally enjoys being around them, as she finds them intriguing, funny, cute, playful (most of the time), and adorable. She can be a bit rough with them, as she still doesn't know that much about them, and still has a bit of hostility towards them. The only reason she experiences the things above is because of her half human friends. Whenever she meets a human, she will often unknowingly patronize them, as she gets the impression that, because they are older, herself and her race is superior. But she doesn't believe this as strongly as other members of her race.

    Battlewise, she is pretty similar, but she can be a bit more strict, moving with grace and speed, and calculating her options, and isn't against studying her friends' tactics to help better her fighting skills. She isn't used to fighting, despite her years of training, and can still be a bit immature on the battlefield, as she will usually be turned off whenever someone is hurt, as she will instinctively run towards them to see if they are okay (if they are her friends, anyway.) She can lose herself in battle, sometimes, becoming increasingly aggressive. She tries not to let her emotional state get in the way of fighting, though.

    She can also be pretty enthusiastic when around friends, or by the beach, as she enjoys the sun and the sand. She finds it soothing, and relaxing. However, she doesn't like to talk about her past, as she says it's all blurry, and all she can remember is pain. But normal she is pretty level, calm, and overall sweet, especially when she's by the beach, or pretend fighting with a few of her friends.

    -She enjoys the snack humans call 'chips'.
    -The sun, the beach, the sand. All of these give her a relaxing, calming feeling.
    -Hanging out with her best friend and love interest.
    -Practicing battle, and helping when needed.

    -When reminded of her past.
    -Prisons, or creatures that are being controlled
    -Being encased; Claustrophobic

    -She desires to protect this world from anything that wishes to harm it.
    -She doesn't want what happened to her to befall another living thing.
    -Her strong loyalty and will to live.

    -When someone talks about capturing creatures, or belittling creatures.
    -If anyone is torn apart.

    Eyes: One eye is green, one resembles a green ball (Image Provided)
    Hair: White with a green tint.
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 110 Ibs.
    Complexion: Pale
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    Re: Emerald

    Post by Neo Stigma on Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:29 pm

    so it was locked before...for me everything looks good...so Imma just move it to the apoofed characters. Whelp welcome to the insane asylum we call friendship my little emerald...huhueheuheuhe Orb83 lol jk I'm not evil....well maybe.... just a bbit :Okitty:


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