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    C-Rank: Spelunking

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    C-Rank: Spelunking

    Post by Koth "Hammerborn" on Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:23 pm

    Job Title: Spelunking
    Job Requirements: C-Rank Characters. 150 words per post, 7 posts per character.
    Job Location: Kanto Kingdom
    Job Description: A trainer has hired you to investigate Chargestone Cave, a strange cavern that produces bizarre, electricity-generating crystals.
    Enemies: Is there enemies? If so, what kind?
    Weak: Joltik x5: These little spiders are easily squished underfoot, but can produce one hell of a shock. They attack for D-rank damage, but are easily taken care of.
    Normal: Drilbur x3: These little moles love building pitfalls for unsuspecting travelers, and their claws are nothing to scoff at either. Deals C-rank damage, defeated by a single C-rank spell.
    Strong: Ferrothorn: This imposing metal plant cannot do much to you in the way of offense, but obstructs paths in an irritating manner. Takes 5 C-rank spells to defeat, but will not attack you; making physical contact with it, however, will deal D-rank damage to you.
    Boss: Klinklang: Drawn here by the massive amounts of electricity in the cave, Klinklang is a fearsome fighter. It can magnetically draw you in and grind you with it's gears, causing B-rank damage, or it can electrify you, dealing C-rank damage. Takes 4 C-rank spells to defeat.

    Reward: For clearing the cave, you get 5,000 coins and a souvenir of one of the electricity-producing crystals.

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    Re: C-Rank: Spelunking

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