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    Jira Erikson (Done)


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    Jira Erikson (Done)

    Post by Jira on Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:59 pm

    Name: Jira Erikson
    Nickname: Taco Salesman,
    Gender: Male
    Race: Storm Giant Human Hybrid
    Age: 16
    Birthday: April 1st
    Sexuality: Bi
    Unique Characteristics:
    Erikson Genetic Traits

    • Can be seen discharging electricity when he loses control of himself totally, more so than usual, this electricity does no damage whatsoever, besides maybe giving a static shock.

    • Stronger Electric Charge: Almost like the frozen soul, this makes him give anyone that he touches an electric shock, he can't help it though, and it doesn't do any damage, just an electric shock.

    • Tempest Calling: This gives Jira the ability to summon storms. The storms are non-threatening, they just make it rain, and thunder to flash, not dealing any damage.

    • Volatility Towards Strangers: This an take many forms, from mocking relentlessly, to straight up attacking if he's in a bad mood.

    • Electrical Eyes: This causes his eyes to go blue, and crackle with electricity, although this gives no combat benefit whatsoever.

    • Lightning Insanity: One of the rarer skills caused by his mixing of Erikson and Human blood. It causes him to be... Stranger than most people. Insane, is a word. Although it doesn't hinder his ability to be a functioning member of society, it makes him more destructive, and less caring about human life. This can range from him going more berserk, showcasing all of his Erikson traits, and going rampages, to just mocking everyone in sight, being a jester, of sorts.

    • Silver Hair: Exactly what it sounds like.

    Personality: Jira, as previously stated, is not like most people. He always has a laid back attitude, not giving a fuck about anything. He's always joking around as well, making fun of others, or a situation, and can always be comedic. But he also has a darker side, in nit caring, and not giving a fuck, he finds enjoyment in destruction. Like a storm. He destroys what he feels like, when he feels like. This extends to everything, if he feels like saving a cat from a tree, so be it, if he then feels like nailing it to the front door of its owner for shits and giggles, so be it again. He shows no fear, no matter how strong they are. He is also a lazy person, not liking to do much work, unless he has something vested in the outcome, it'll take some convincing to make him do something for someone else. It seems like he's constantly on a question for something interesting. Looking for interest in the world, doing anything to get really interested.

    Outside of combat, no matter how non-threatening the situation is, Jira is still on guard, making sure to keep account of people and their threat level, for he knows that a non-violent situation can easily turn violent with the drop of a hat. Otherwise he can appear sociable and friendly when he wants to and keeps himself in check.

    In combat, he is always on the offensive, only going on the defensive to keep himself alive enough to fight. He fights like a storm, always pressing forwards, every move he does is to kill is opponent, and win. If not kill his opponent, it at least brings him a step closer, and otherwise doesn't matter to him all that much, unless he's really stuck in a rut.


    • Joking Around: Jira loves joking around, he finds comedy in it, and passion and enjoyment. It's how he has fun, whether it's mocking a higher power, or a situation at hand, or even making his friends laugh, it's worth it to him. One of his enjoyments in life.
    • Storms/Lightning: Jira likes lightning, probably due to his Erikson heritage.
    • Tacos: No real reason, he's just had an attachment to them for awhile.  
    • Fighting/Causing Destruction: Jira loves fighting and causing destruction, it has a great entertainment value to him.
    • Strength: Whether it's his or others, Jira admires strength.


    • Arrogance with Strength: Regashi absolutely hates it when people are arrogant about their power, it's one of his biggest hatreds. It angers him a lot when people think they're so entitled cause they have a little power, and if Regashi sees behaviour, he will challenge them.
    • Stuck Up-ness: When people don't like humour, and can't take a joke, fuck em. He'll either try to show them the true beauty of comedy, or straight up attack them, depends how far they go, and how he's feeling.
    • Pathetic People: Regashi hates pathetic people he thinks they should get stronger, at least try, but when they don't, he hates them for it, and won't respect them at all. If they don't at least try, they're nothing more than something to flick away.


    • Crushing the Arrogant: Regashi loves the idea of crushing those who believe themselves better and stronger than others. And he'll do what he can to accomplish this goal.
    • Interest: Regashi wants to find something, insanely interesting. Completely and totally. Just to pursue his love of interesting shit
    • Power: Regashi wants to become a powerful badass, with the powers of everything at his beck and call... Cause that's what it means to be a Seiker and an Erikson, power, no matter how much he might like to fight his heritage, that's who he is.


    • Dying in some unfashionable way: Regashi hates the idea of dying without meaning, and just... Dead, no meaning, no style, just a pathetic death that'll never be talked about.
    • Eternal Boredom: Regashi dreads the idea of life being boring, and hates the idea that he might be bored forever. That'd be hell for him.
    • Losing His Spirit: Regashi is always laid back and joking, giving no fucks. He fears that one day he'll just lose it all, and be crushed, a mindless killjoy.

    Eyes: Blue with lightning sometimes, other times brown
    Hair: Silver
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 120 Pounds
    Complexion: Tanned
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    Re: Jira Erikson (Done)

    Post by Nameless on Sat Jun 27, 2015 1:04 pm

    Remember your static/lightning does nothing in combat. Not even super conducting it will do damage. This is for social purposes only, if you want Lightning Magic, do it in... well... magic.

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