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    Post by Oculus on Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:51 pm


    Name: Oculus
    Nickname: The Wanderer
    Gender: Male
    Race: Unknown (to be elaborated at a later date)
    Age: Unknown
    Birthday: July 7th
    Sexuality: Asexual (can be persuaded into heterosexual activities)
    Unique Characteristics:

    • Ancient Race

      • By his accounts, Oculus is the last of his race, a race of beings that he claims existed before existence came to be, and were mostly sacrificed to usher in the new age of existence for all other beings. Whether it is true or not is up to speculation, but for anything that can read his age, it gives quite a weird number

    • Natural Presence

      • Oculus moves through nature as if he were an innate force of it; wild and tame creatures alike can never sense when he moves about unless physically seeing him, or smelling him apart from nature itself. Why this happens is an attribution to Oculus experimenting with his own soul to be a man "at peace"

    • Lapse of Memory

      • Every turn of the century Oculus' memory, in a sense, erases much of its data. He can only remember his name, his ability and is filled with vague and obscure memories of past centuries. They are fragmented as a defense mechanism of his soul to prevent him from remembering who he truly is

    Personality: Oculus is a man who can only be described as an enigma; there isn't anyone that can properly say how he acts and how his mannerisms flow along with the universal tide of all sentient beings, but from what people can see how he behaves can be said that he is level-headed and relatively easy-going. Many women are drawn to the paradoxical beauty that he has, a beauty that some could say is inhumane, but he never has paid them any mind, no more than he pays no mind to all of the other sentient beings he's encountered unless his services are well-needed. His tolerance has varying levels of limits; he could tolerate a crying child for several hours for one given moment in time, but easily snap when faced with a grown man acting the same way as a crying child throwing a tantrum. With that fact aside, Oculus adores nature and all beings of its innate force and presence; common wild animals do not have so much of a problem with Oculus' presence, because quite frankly, they cannot normally sense him as they would with obstructions of nature. He appears to be a natural occurrence to animals, and tends to keep company with the more... worrisome creatures, such as wolves, feral animals and the like. Large cities and such do not hold his interest for long, and after given time Oculus will find his attention being drawn to the smaller things of life and the much less advanced components of the advancing sentient races of his time.

    Whenever Oculus does take up combative action, his enigmatic persona evaporates into the air and his mindset and overall person becomes the living personification of inhumane. Not barbarous and killing everything in site when enraged or ready to fight, this man has retained enough of his senses over the years to hone his killing potential to those that are deemed as enemies. His strikes and movements are smooth as the way he walks normally, and rarely becomes erratic yet keeps a spontaneous skill-set.

    -Peace of mind
    -The quiet

    -The unnecessarily loud
    -Wicked deeds/Wicked people

    -To keep on wandering
    -To immerse himself in nature
    -To keep his freedom

    -Odd hatred

    Eyes: Cyan Blue | Extreme emotions will cause them to physically become spiritual matter, flowing about as wild energy in short wisps
    Hair: Jet black
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 251lbs
    Complexion: Pale, somewhat of an apricot-like color | Fair in daylight

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    Re: Oculus

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