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    Sterben Ivanovich Dragomirov



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    Sterben Ivanovich Dragomirov

    Post by Sterben on Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:57 am

    Name: Sterben Ivanovich Dragomirov
    Nickname: Mikhail Vladimir
    Gender: Male
    Race: Quad Hybrid mixture [1/4 Human, 1/4 Vampire, 1/4 Demon, 1/4 Dragon]
    Age: Ageless
    Birthday: September 13th
    Sexuality: Hetersexual
    Unique Characteristics:

    • Scars
    • Tattoo's on his back and sides.
    • Highlighted Hair
    • Changing coloured eyes.
    • Ability to change into demon forms
    • Prosthetic left arm used in his magic.

    (These forms offer no buffs, other than RP flavor.)
    - Fire Serpent
    - Shadow Form
    - Rage Form

    Relaxing Oriented environment: His personality is rather cool and calm, he doesn't really get mad, he is a bright man, who tends to rarely smile and never really speak, as he is more of the loner guy. Who hides a lot of emotion when he interacts with people, he will converse when given the chance, but other than that he is rather quiet and mellow, he does however have a curious mind, and this changes him slightly and causes him to act differently.  When his mind is peaked, he tends to show slightly more emotion and tends to smile from time to time. He will be more attuned to give off a warmer feeling than before and will be slightly more excited. But that is if you can get him interested, it takes al lot to make him curious, being a Virgo, he is much harder to please when it comes to amusement. Being a Virgo means living in a practical world, where there is not a fairytale dream, Sterben doesn’t like if you are too sentimental. It is not that Sterben doesn't know how to show emotion or to show love; just his way of expressing it is different from others. Sterben is extremely dedicated towards his family and friends. He is constantly involved in helping them and has a strong sense of work and duty, too much display of emotions makes him uncomfortable and too conscious. But Sterben will stick to you when you need him the most, care for you and dutifully carry out all the responsibilities you ask him to do.

    However, don't burden him with extreme sentiments, mushy affection and tearful promises, if he hasn’t ran away yet, he will become too cold and even the subtle display of affection from his side may come to a stop. You have to keep the temperature just right, too much aloofness or too much closeness is not what he wants, a little bit of sensuality, mixed with some intelligence and an interesting disposition is what he desires. To him, quality of time spent with you will mean more than the quantity, he is usually very cautious while forming a relationship with people period, if it still doesn't turn out to be right, he will bury himself in work, avoid social gathering and be triply cautious with people. Sterben use to have girls always coming after him, he never wanted that, not one bit, the fact of the matter is, he didn’t mind being single at all, the most the girl had to do was make Sterben realize that he has fallen in love and needs to form a relationship, but this never happened. He is not prone to flirtations, so most people have no reasons to doubts his intentions; in fact, he is too sensitive, selective and honest to indulge in such kind of behavior. Sterben is very cautious about everything whether that is work, past time or love and relationships, lying will get you nowhere with him, he wants a genuine and honest information and cannot stand dishonesty even for a second. Stirring the emotions of Sterben is a very difficult task, because he never consciously emotional or even wanting to show emotions, remember, he does have a heart; you just have to sway it the right way, it may take time, but it will be worth the wait.

    Once you have won Sterben heart, you will have an extremely loyal friend or more, never again will he let you feel unloved or uncared for, in your entire life, his feeling and love will burn for you with a steady flame, which will never flicker even for a minute. Sterben also has a sharp memory and will remember even the minutest of details; you wouldn't have to remind him about small tasks, duties or events. He may sometimes not understand why these are important, but he will remember them nonetheless, as stated he is very loyal and will expect the same from you. So, in the short version he like people who have an intellectual mind, impropriety and rudeness turns him away as he will disregard you. He is in vein of people with impeccable manners, spotlessly clean house, excellent cooking skills and decent dressing sense. He is prone to finding faults in others; he is a very responsible person and will help sharpen the intellect of people and other around him, he also has imbibe good manners, etiquettes and the quality of helping the needy. However, you will have to get him to express his emotion and, when he becomes a little irritable, just leave him alone and he will again be his usual self pretty self. With Sterben and his Virgo personality, you will have a tender and loyal friend who will shower you all with love and care, no matter what age you are.

    Combat Oriented environment: Sterben has at first, a very calm and steady fighting style, he will be swift and precise to hit you weak point, but when he gets riled and agitated he will switch to a very aggressive type of sword fighting, despite his calm and cool nature. He will begin to use his bodies’ momentum to move across the field, Sterben uses his magic in tactical ways; he will make a person think he missed them only to have the obstacles around them do the work for him. With a weapon, he use it in odd ways, he will use the spine of the blade, the flat face, even the pummel; his fighting is always aggressive like and will always keep the opponent on the defensive. Along with his ability to take orders is quite simple, if he finds the order to be disgraceful, he will avoid the main objective and will go on his own path, as he is not quite the leader type himself.

    - Flowers- He has a strange liking towards flowers and will always be seen knelt to one, and taking in the scent. He loves flowers of all kinds and will defend them if in danger.
    - Nature: Much like the flowers, Sterbeb is one who cares about the world around him, though his many travels. He has learn to enjoy the beauty in nature and like flowers he will defend it.
    - He is a person who safeguards his knowledge in general, and cares little of giving it up. He will fight for his right to keep his secrets as that, and gather more if he can-

    - Snoops: Sterben hates when people eavesdrop on him, he believes that all privacy should be kept like that. If anyone is caught by him eavesdropping he will be very angry and won't forget their wrong doing.
    - Haters: He dislikes people who show negativity to others for the simplest of events. Such as a better spell, toy, clothing or even home. Those people he sees have no place in his heart.
    - Needless Fighting: If there is no reason to fight then it should be left at that. Sterben dislikes seeing people fight for no apparent reason.
    - Nature and Flower killers: If Sterben sees a person destroying nature or even flowers he will loss his cool and flip. Unless you want a raving lunatic yelling at you, then don't kill nature. Or flowers... god knows his anger then.

    - Finding Knowledge: Knowing that the world is full of knowledge. Sterben keeps moving to find more. Wanting to fill his mind full of information to catalog.
    - The wonders of the World: With the world holding much to offer, Sterben wishes to discover more wonderful places to explore, and see the beauty in it.
    - Love: Even though he has never felt it, or had a chance to, reading about it in many love novels over his times. He finds the concept of love one thing to search for and understand more.

    - Losing friends: Once  has made a friend, he hates to see them go, he will try everything in his power to keep one with him.
    - Dying: Sterben is not one very keen on the idea of dying, whether it is from a knife to the heart. Or through starvation, he will do his best to stay alive.
    - Night: The fact that he fears the night is not from the night, but the effects that come from it. Being able to see in the dark his eyes glow red, and he fears he will scare people if seen.
    - His Bloodline: Due to his lineage and the powers that follow, he fears himself at times. His demon and vampire blood makes him powerful which he will harm others in the process.

    Eyes: Golden Yellow
    Hair: Spiky black hair with white highlights
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 196 lbs.
    Complexion: Semi flawless (Only due to scars), peach hue

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    Re: Sterben Ivanovich Dragomirov

    Post by Fetus on Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:57 pm

    @Maria Zaroff wrote:
    Keep in mind that you can only change forms once per post. That said, consider this app...

    [Just remember your forms don't give you any powers,
    nor special abilities. ]


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