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    [EVENT] Toon Trouble! (2/2)


    Re: [EVENT] Toon Trouble! (2/2)

    Post by Guest on Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:30 pm

    Both the Dragon Slayer and the effeminate Ryuhei would sigh.

    "Either way, it's nice that people from different walks of life were able to collaborate together to complete this task. I'm glad that I had intelligent people to work with,"
    Fujima would say with a smile.

    The Dragon Slayer would think about the shiba and other young man, who had died in the attack. Their deaths were rather unnecessary, but secured the lives of the three. To that he was grateful.

    "Maybe now we can see what the hell those guys were hiding in that castle."

    Both Ryuheis advanced into the castle along with Fetus, hoping for some answers to present themselves to them. There had to be a reason for their coming here.

    Walking after the pug, the Dragon Slayer would see millions of dollars worth of treasures making the castle what it was. Would they even be able to bring it all back home?

    Re: [EVENT] Toon Trouble! (2/2)

    Post by Guest on Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:40 pm

    Naisu was glad that everyone was alright. As he looked at all there faces, he looked at all who had survived the battle. While they had survived, he then was sad that both Embryo and his Yoshida counterpart were casualties in this fight. They had suffered tragic deaths, and all to ensure the lives of the remaining. Unfortunately they did not know the name of the Shiba. But they did know his honor in the glorious battle, and Naisu would forever remember him by it.

    Naisu followed everyone into the castle, and was surprised by the vast amount of treasure in it. Normally money was not a priority to Naisu, but it wasn't something he denied. He could think of several uses for such things. But how would they divide it? Would it be equal? Would they fight now over it? Naisu didn't really care, but he was curious to see how the rest of the day would go. Evening would be starting soon, and Naisu had a night to get back too in the Kingdom of Kai.
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    Re: [EVENT] Toon Trouble! (2/2)

    Post by Fetus on Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:59 pm

    It would not be an easy way to tell the others that there was no way to teleport back to where they came from. He knew, just as well as the former king that it was a lacrima whose power was stretched beyond it's capabilities, leading to seemingly random people to appear in this world. That was all he knew of it. He could not say what the cat wished to obtain by doing so, but they were not the goal.

    Fetus would disappear behind a corner into a new corridor. He would take off, his paws making little to no sound on the carpeted ground. His armor striped off his body to make him lighter to find his answers. He understood that the shiba was his edolas self, who was a former knight of the cat, whom of which was his toon counterpart. He needed to know why they could all exist in the same plane of existence without trouble. If his doubles had this much power, how would it effect the others?

    He would make turn after turn, without a single soul behind him. He knew those men would not leave this place empty handed. It would be a divisions of riches as well as necessity. Who would take the paintings? What would become of the castle? They could come back possibly to loot the rest, but who's to say a scavenger will not raid the place while they were gone? Fetus would run off, alone, thinking. But then he found his answer.

    Pandora was no longer the Plane of Oblivion, housing the lost souls deciding if they should ascend to the living or be banished into the void for eternity. Pandora was a realm owned b Kaseki, a link between all and every world. In order for someone to reach the next, they would have to travel to his world first. That was how people lived in essentially the same world, yet the people in power were different. Parallel universes were linked here, being all one world, in Pandora. That was the only explanation. And that was all he needed.

    "If that is the case..." Fetus thought to himself, "How many copies of me are there? And if I have this many alternate versions of me... how many are their of others?" He would ponder the thought, only before asking a question he wish he never thought of. He would vanish into the darkness of the massive castle...

    "How many versions of Kaseki are there?"

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    Re: [EVENT] Toon Trouble! (2/2)

    Post by Guest on Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:59 pm

    The Dragon Slayer stopped for a minute. There had to be a way to get back home. However, at the same time, there was the possibility that there was no way to get back home: That they were stuck here for life. How he had been dragged into this game board, he didn't know. And that brought on a bit of fear in his eyes.

    Ryuhei would get out of his trance and see that the pug was gone: He probably went to roam the rest of the castle. Leaving him to his own devices, the Dragon Slayer would walk through another hall, making himself scarce in the process.

    "Wait for me, damn it!"

    The effeminate Ryuhei would run after the Dragon Slayer, so that they would roam the halls together. It was like a game of chess, really. All the pieces had been captured and now the game was over. The question was: What happens after the game?

    Takahashi likened this world to a linchpin: It connected others together, all the while being in a league of its own. It was like they were literally destined to meet up here, as though someone were tugging the strings of fate.

    Ryuhei knew just a bit of who that person was.

    He would look upon one of the walls, and say to himself, "I'm willing to make a wager that we don't truly have our own free will."

    Re: [EVENT] Toon Trouble! (2/2)

    Post by Guest on Sat Nov 21, 2015 10:09 am

    [I'm assuming Ryu's post was an exit o.o]

    Naisu stood by while everyone left to roam the castle. Normally he would love to explore such a fine jewel and plan on things with the wealth. To share bread and wine and merriment with a bunch of fellow warriors and mages who just experienced the thrill of nearly dying. But he couldn't. He stood there looking down and reflecting to himself, "Yoshida Naisu is dead. That easily could have been me." He thought of the annoying but loveable knucklehead that bore his face and chuckled slightly to himself. "You were alright, Yoshida-san," Naisu muttered aloud. He would remember his counterpart and be sure to be a little less reckless in the future. He wondered if there were other worlds and other Naisu's to encounter. With his luck he had an evil twin that could kick his ass. Wouldn't that be lovely.

    He then motioned to follow the others. There was still much to be done here.


    Re: [EVENT] Toon Trouble! (2/2)

    Post by Guest on Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:59 pm

    "Well, every realm ruled by some deity has a form of control over its people's lives, that much everyone should know."

    Takahashi would sigh once more, and decide to himself that he would grab some gold before he got out of this castle. It was only a matter of time before it started decaying away, of course.

    "I think I'll go and get some stuff. See you later, I guess."
    He would make his way out of the hall in which he and Ryuhei were in.

    "There's a reason why we're here. I don't know what it is, but I'll go on a limb and say that he or she, or it, put us in this place for a reason. A reason probably larger than our brains could possibly comprehend."
    He would say to himself quietly.

    The Dragon Slayer broke his gaze at the wall, and decided to meet up with his Edolas counterpart, who just happened to be walking slowly in the hopes that Ryuhei would come with him.


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