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    Blake Rosewood

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    Blake Rosewood

    Post by Amaranth on Wed Aug 12, 2015 7:26 am

    Name: Blake Rosewood
    Nickname: Amaranth, Red Knight
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Birthday: July 27th
    Sexuality: Doesn't Care
    Unique Characteristics: A large, dark red scar starting on her back, tracing diagonally from her left shoulder blade, curving around her waist, and going into her inner right thigh. 

    Personality: The world isn't a fairly easy place to live, especially with the world containing such a wide variety of people, creatures, and abilities. Of course, not everyone in this world is born special, the best of the best have to earn it. This is a motto that Blake keeps close to her heart. A person born in the heart of Fiore, surrounded by magic, and lacking any magic circuits. Something that constantly brings her down. Not that anyone would notice it, however, due to her personality. 

    She is a very bold, outspoken young women. Not afraid to speak, or do, what is on her mind. Certain that she could do no wrong. A bit arrogant at times, her personality and fighting style can be described by the same word. Bravado. Whether it be a fight of fists, blades, or words, Amaranth will strike hit after hit, not stopping until she passes out from exhaustion or her victory has become written in stone. Of course, she does know how to "hold back", AKA knock out her opponent instead of killing them. 

    Although Amaranth is horribly stubborn, she more then makes up for it with her selfishness. Say what ever you want about her, but the moment you say, or do something to harm another person, she will pounce, most likely with her blade drawn. 

    There is nothing she cannot stand more then Greed, and Vanity. Throwing other people under the proverbial bus simply for ones own game makes her sick to her stomach. 

    Of course, even with her love of inflicting pain onto others, Blake has a bit of a masochist in her. If hurt, she won't wince. She won't cry. She will merely smile. Something about pain makes her feel alive, the endorphin's rushing through her body, sending tingles up and down her spine. It might, of course, distract her from the fight at hand. 

    - Sword Fighting
    - Blood
    - Food
    - Loud Music
    - Fire
    - Justice (her own version of it at least)
    - Animals
    - Pain (inflicting it or getting it) 

    - Animal Cruelty
    - Affection
    - The quiet
    - Staying in the same place for too long (she starts to feel claustrophobic) 
    - Not combative touching.
    - The cold
    - Snow/Ice
    - Key Blades
    - Creatures of Toonville (they creep her out) 
    - Magic (AKA Cheating in life)
    - The concept of money

    - Figuring out the secrets to star fall 
    - Destroying Key Blades 
    - Becoming strong enough to one day make an appearance with the death god himself, Kaseki

    - Snakes
    - Death
    - Not having a weapon.

    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Red
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 125 pounds
    Complexion: Pale

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    Re: Blake Rosewood

    Post by Kaseki on Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:09 pm

    [Don't forget to visit The Elder for a lineage (bonus powers), as well as the
    Job Board to select your Origin! (This will determine what rules your magic follows.)]


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