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    Post by Viole on Fri Aug 15, 2014 4:56 pm

    Name: Viole
    Nickname: The Musical Mistral
    Gender: Female
    Race: Klown (Embodiments of Fun, Joy, & Laughter.)
    Age: One Hundred-Twenty
    Birthday: August 1st
    Sexuality: Straight as an arrow!
    Unique Characteristics: Viole always wears her purple jester hat, to the point people believe it's literally apart of her! But that's just silly! ...right?

    Personality: As a Klown Viole was born in the world to bring joy to the masses. As such she is a naturally upbeat and cheerful person with a small smile on her face in one way or another. In fact she rarely ever frown unless something warrants her dissatisfaction. She's a person who enjoys life to the fullest and rarely lets anything get her down. As an embodiment of joy she has the task of bringing joy to those around her.

    Her theme is "the joy of music" which is why she is always seen with her flute by her side. She sees beauty in everything and is saddened when negative emotions such as hatred and anger cloud peoples hearts. To be surrounded by negative emotion will weaken her, corrupt her, and possibly kill her.

    With that fear in mind she always tries to keep peoples' moods bright and full of light. Even if it means she's not truly happy in the process. She can be a bit paranoid and worrisome as it's in her nature to care for others. Not only for them, but for her livelihood. Thus this can bring great stress to her being when she overly forces herself to be something she's not. It's true that she is a happy person, but she also suffers from normal emotions that every being is plagued with.

    Such as sadness, anger, fear, and even hate. She fears to become consumed by her negative emotions so she constantly forces them out of her and puts up a form of detachment to anything negative, putting up a kind and friendly facade. She's a good person who believes in doing what's right, but can also be mischievous and down right sneaky when she wants to be.

    Pulling pranks and causing general mayhem when a mood strikes her. Though nothing every harmful. She wants to help people but often becomes so obsessed with helping that she ignores her own emotional needs making her even more stressed out than before due to this constant cycle. In truth, she wants to be herself- not bound by the fear of always being happy and bringing happiness.

    A selfish desire, and one that can ultimately lead her down the path of corruption and evil. But nothing is certain for her, so she continues to be tragically happy- because that's all she can do. Smile while being tormented inside- Tis the life of a Klown.

    - Cute Furry Animals
    - Musical Instruments
    - The Nighttime

    - Icky Scaly Creatures
    - Getting Sick
    - People being negative.

    - To bring true peace to Pandora, no matter the means.
    - To see smiles of happiness on everyone's faces.
    - To play her flute as the star of a concert.

    - Scaly creatures. (Snakes, Lizards, Dragons, etc)
    - Bitter things, ESPECIALLY medicine.
    - Perverts.

    Eyes: Purple outer Iris, Sky Blue inner iris, black slitted pupil.
    Hair: Hair? She has no hair!
    Height: 5'0'0
    Weight: 85 Ibs
    Complexion: Fair.

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    Re: Viole

    Post by SolarFlare on Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:03 pm

    Enjoyed your app and so I'm happy to say...

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