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    Is This My Fate?


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    Is This My Fate?

    Post by Natsume on Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:56 pm

    ~ "It's hard to say how or when I got here, it seems like I was always here.

    It's been a thousand years. It feels like just the other day I wandered into that temple. My friends told me that inside lay a great treasure, said to bring the world a great joy. In the wrong hands, it was said to bring war. They didn't tell me that there was no treasure for me to take. They didn't tell me that I would become that treasure.

    It's been some time since Fourth Horseman used my powers to plague this land. I've been cursed to walk this life longer than the others, and it seems as if my soul is bound to a world I was never born in. Sometimes, I wish I could be human again, but my nights are full of nightmares of trying to clasp onto reality. I'm not fit to be normal. Perhaps the world is better this way.

    Maybe this is my fate."~


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