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    Condiment Recall : Salt!

    Post by Sera on Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:09 pm

    Somewhere along the sky over the sea of the dead, another fell. She soared like an eagle, high above the clouds. The sky a light blue, a sign of the day. The great sun that heated Pandora watched over, as well as the many moons. There was no telling what this was, why it was, or where it came from. But that was the case with most of the things that found their way to Pandora.

    To a few, the name of these phenomenons were Starfalls.  They were called that, as a reflection to how they looked like a falling star from the sky, and on top of that... they were said to grant wishes.

    There was no telling the power of them, other than making a wish. But some knew, and some understood that they were not all the same. Some knew that they had to be mended and healed and rested well before then. It was with the Mother of The Starfalls that Pandora begun to be shaped. Even so, no single map could capture the entirety of this world. Pandora was the plane of oblivion. It went on infinitely, in all directions. You could not simple enter or exit this realm without the help of one of the few entities that watched over this world.

    So how did she get here?


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