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    Roark's Weapon

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    Roark's Weapon

    Post by Lilinette Q. Mido on Tue Aug 18, 2015 5:29 pm

    Name: Tetsucestus
    Type: Armor
    Rank: Strong
    Description: It is worn on Roarks right hand, and goes all

    Weight: 11 pounds
    - can protect from a max of 2 B-rank spells.
    - makes his hits 10% stronger if he hits with his right hand.
    - Broken by 1 A-rank spell
    - Only covers one hand hand (when ability is not active).
    - AoE attacks cause full damage (when ability is not active)
    ~ Tetsucabra's Soul: Once per thread (for 6 posts) Roark can activate the armors ability, covering his entire body with a magical, malleable rock which gives his whole body protection from spells, and gives him a 20% physical strength buff.


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