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    Cause "Anywhere" was said.

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    Cause "Anywhere" was said.

    Post by Alexander Vaan on Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:25 pm

    It was a somewhat calm morning, the dark-red sun rising and the fields engulfed in black flames that looked to reach the sky. The sky itself was still a complete blue, unchanged from the normal world, though the clouds happen to be black as well. This 'world' that was currently being inhabited was not that of natural cause, but due to magical creation and molding. It was a place of solitude and peace, a place used by the family to train and to raise the young in the harsh environment that it was. The current two visitors were the creator himself, Reigo Vaan, and Alexander Vaan, Reigo's great grandson.
    Reigo was demon of great strength and magical prowess, and was just as wise as he was strong. He stood at a staggering height of 6'7", and unlike most of the Vaan family in the current generation, did not hide his natural demon form. This form looked similar to that of an Ifrit, seeming to consist of nothing but a black and dark blue flame. His eyes glowed blue and looked to be empty of any soul. Even with this natural look, he still wore a special made set of light armor, covering his shoulders and forearms in a red-shaded metal while his bottom-wear consisted of greaves made of the same red-colored metal. "Everyone in the family have been here, my son, his son, and now you. We will spend our time here honing what power that is hidden within you. I will say that everyone has shown a different power, and I am assured that you will too. Now let us begin young one."
    Alexander, looking to be around the age of thirteen or fourteen, stood there listening. He was not one to dose off while listening to Reigo, in fear of being brutally punished afterwords. The young man stood only about 5'4" at this time, with his red hair grown out to about halfway down his back. He wore only a white tank-top and black cargo shorts with black shoes. He was here not for any sort of fun excursion but to train and to grow stronger to fulfill his goal. After hearing the small speech given, Alexander bowed and spoke in a somewhat calming tone "I will do as you say, this is a special day for me is it not? This is the day that I go off on my own after such a long time being with the family. I cannot say that I was not waiting for this day, but I will not lose focus either way." Alex, grinning a somewhat sinister smirk, just stood there waiting for further instructions.
    After about an hour, the two could be seen in the middle of combat with each other going at full speed and power. As Alexander threw out punches, Reigo responded with precise and strong blocks, not wishing to harm the young lad. This training was meant to bring out ones power, not to hospitalize them. Alexander's speed was great here, though this was mostly due to the realm which greatly increased ones physical abilities to quickly release ones power. As the sparring match continued, Alexander started to create slight sparks when his fists collided with Reigo's hand. The flames, not caused by natural frictions, were surprisingly white and pure. Reigo was somewhat taken back by the fire, but kept his composure so that he would not cause Alexander to lose focus. He could only surmise that it came from Alexander's determination and willingness to surpass all those in front of him. This bout continued for about another hour, when a single punch of Alexander manage to be engulfed in the white flame. The punch, doing little to nothing to Reigo, was out-done by the fire itself which manage to slightly mix and mark Reigo's flaming skin. "Hmm, I actually felt that punch and it did not feel good. Lets take a break so I can analyze what exactly it is you are outputting."
    After about an half-hour of reading a book kept here for this reason, Reigo had came to the conclusion of the magic being used. He had a somewhat excited look on his face, one that had not been shown for a very long time. "I never thought for it to happen in my life time sonny but you are one special little spark now. It has to fruition, you have manage to gain the power of what Fiore calls Demon Slayer Magic, with yours specifically being Flame. I had hoped one day that one of my descendants would come to acquire a natural gift for it. With that said, this is not where we stop. I'm going to keep you here longer than most. I'm going to turn this natural affinity into a full scale magic for you. I want you to be the strongest, and the strongest you will become."
    Alexander, trying to hold back not only a sinister face of glee, but also laughter and hysteria. This was something that he could use, something he could effectively hone and train. A magic, taught by demons, used to kill demons, used by a demon himself. The natural flame he had would be a tremendous help to learning, but learning is what he had to do. The magic is not something one just fully learns by himself, but with a mentor and Reigo had just told him he would fulfill that role. At this point, Alexander had lost it, laughing and containing the most vicious of looks on his face. He spoke not with gratitude or humility but with the assurance that his wishes had been granted "Hehehehahahaha, this is wonderful isn't Reigo, the power to destroy those who dare defile me, stand in my way, or even just look at me the wrong way. I cannot hold my excitement for what is to come. Lets start now, I cannot wait any longer."
    Alexander, in a fighting position that looked similar to that of a boxer, was ready to continue the training. Reigo who was just as ready responded in kind, started not with a blocking maneuver but a punch himself. This training was no longer to see what was hidden but to bring out and destroy any barrier holding it back. Reigo spoke of things needed to use the White Flame, things like spells and how they work, the mechanics of spell circles, and general knowledge to inform the new discoverer of this powerful magic. This magic so powerful was classified as a Lost Magic, magic so powerful only a few could use it. This marked the beginning of Alexander's new life, with everything before this just being a warm-up. He spent the rest of his time with Reigo doing nothing but training, day in and day out. At the end of the session, he knew more about the Flame Demon Slayer magic than he could have ever imagined. This was the day he was waiting for, the day that he was born anew.

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