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    Post by TechNolajG on Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:55 pm

    Name: Jabriel Galon
    Nickname: J.G.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Lorien
    Age: Eight
    Birthday: December, Eight
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics:
    Lorien - In physical appearance a lorien closely resembles a human, however in the spiritual realm they take up a more fearsome form. The only difference would be a colored tribal marking around their eye, but this alone isn’t enough to accurately distinguish a Lorien from a human. They possess unique gi abilities, composed of multiple elements.

    To further emphasize his personality, Jabriel is regularly seen with a calm or laid back expression. He has long dreadlocks that reaches halfway down his back. His hair is jet black with a barely noticeable dark blue tint at the very tips. Jabriel has brown skin. The feeling of his skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. His body temperature always seems to be warm, regardless of the weather.

    There aren’t any blemishes on his skin. The color of his eyes are dark brown, his eyes are normally low as if he were sedated and sleepy. He has a figure that is just a little slimmer than average. It is actually hard for him to gain weight, due to his high metabolism. Though, this still doesn’t stop him from working out. Even with a slightly below average shape, he packs muscle and some strength. It’s just not normal for one to correctly gauge his strength by his appearance.

    Jabriel is quite the distinctive character. Overall he’s more good than evil, wishing the world would one day become a peaceful place. When describing him, it’s safe to assume he is a misunderstood person, but at the same time doesn’t want to be fully understood.  At times he hears another voice inside of him, the voice was different than his, thus made him question if it was his conscience. Furthermore, Jabriel had blackouts and would wake up oblivious of them. The voices started off as a faint whisper, but over time increased to a regular tone. It made him feel like he was slowly turning into a psycho, so he sought out help. The “help” told him it was his imagination and to simply ignore it.

    Adaptive. This nature may be perhaps the most obvious of his personality. The time it takes for him to get accustomed to almost any given situation is uncommonly quick. The types of situations could be physically, socially, mentally, and etc. Even with things that would strike him as something new, it would take him a few minutes to deduct whatever is necessary to get a better understanding of how he should react.

    Brave. Despite of his slim stature, he is either extremely courageous or really driven by ambition. No matter the obstacle, Jabriel will try his best to successfully complete it, if of course he sees it as necessary in the first place. In combat, even if he is severely beaten, his willpower would keep him fighting until he has passed his limit of continuing. Death is simply not feared by this man, he will go above and beyond to protect anything he believes is worthy of protecting regardless of how small or big.

    Cynical. In his perception of the world, it is all based on who can gain the most. He sternly believes that most people only strive to gain more power, recognition, and/or wealth, instead of lending a helping hand to a struggling neighbor. However, Jabriel does believe that a small few selfless people exist within the world, but looks at them as if they are a dying breed. Ironically, Jabriel's selfless nature died after his death in the human world.

    Deceitful. Jabriel will lead you astray if given the opportunity. Sometimes he deceives people for the sake of his own satisfaction. It is also used to gain information from people who weren’t willing to give it up initially. It could be said that with his deceitful nature comes a manipulative nature as well. He is pretty clever with how he put his intentions into motion. For some strange reason, he really enjoys when a person doesn’t know whether he’s lying or not. Sometimes he shrouds his emotions with the complete opposite emotion, for example he could be raging inside but appear completely calm with a smile on his face. In battle, he will use deceitful methods to gain an advantage. This works well with his fighting style, seeing as his primary fighting style is “wild” compared to others. Most of the time he tries to get his opponent to underestimate him, which typically works out well. However if it is clear to him that the opponent is stronger than him in some area, he’ll take the fight serious and just try to trick his opponent by the blows he throw. He is only completely honest to those he trust. People who he could consider as friends or family, which isn’t a lot of people.

    Insensitive. While he is aware of the feelings of others, he simply cares little to none about them, unless that person is within his circle. He has no problem with helping others as long as he can see an importance in it. With that said, if something seems meaningless to him, he’s going to express why he feels that way no matter how touchy the subject is.

    Pessimistic. He has a rather gloomy outlook on life. Jabriel normally thinks of the worst that could happen in events rather than the best. This actually determines how he makes his choices as well, he would obviously go with the choice that he believes will have the least negative results. His belief is that his death would be far from peaceful and in the afterlife he would suffer from greater penalties than he did in his previous life. He doesn’t truly believe that fairness exists, he sees laws as something that was created to protect the higher authorities. His pessimism also is the reason why he has trust issues, believing that anyone will betray him if given the chance. No matter how good the news is he can always think of something bad that came with it as well. Even with all these pessimistic thoughts, he somehow manages to keep it inside his head.

    Self-serving. Due to the reason of his cynical nature, he strives for what’s best for himself. If it isn’t something that is going to benefit him in some way then he’s most likely won’t bother even thinking of doing it. He is a very independent person that believes he has no limit, as long as he works hard enough to complete his objectives. Even when the odds are stacked up against him, he will refuse to ask for help unless it is truly needed.

    Intelligent. A second of him not thinking has yet to pass. He strongly believes knowledge is true power. Through every new encounter, it is automatic that he observe whomever it is in his presence as well as the area around if not familiar. The process happens fairly quickly to the point he has stored in his head accurate information on the physical appearance of the individual, within only a few seconds. It’s safe to say that his memory and thought process can rival that of a super computer. Any data he gathers on someone is stored in his mind forever, unless he is affected by anything that can alter his mind. Normally he plans things out in advance, which in most cases is accurate. For whenever his plan doesn’t work out, he can easily and quickly improvise. In battle, Jabriel analyzes his opponent at first. If there was a certain pattern going on, he’d catch on. Once comfortable, he attacks in ways for the opponent to unintentionally expose their weaknesses. He can even go as far as to what attacks to endure in order to come back with a powerful strike of his own. Furthermore, he can effectively limit himself from using too much energy, so that towards the end of the fight he’ll be in a better state energy-wise than his opponent. There’s a lot of different plans he had formulated in battles which resulted in an exhausted opponent. That’s his preferred way to end a battle, but not his only.

    Vengeful. He is far from the person who believes in forgive and forget. If someone betrayed, even in the slightest way, he will do something in return. Most of the time it would be in a more than necessary manner. Some would call it overreacting or even childish, but he could care less. Jabriel believes that he is teaching the individual(s) a lesson, regardless of how big or small the situation.

    - Advancement & Technology
    - Great Entertainment, Mind-stimulation, Innovative thought, Succeeding in goals
    - Engineering & Food

    - Arrogance & Stubbornness
    - Being deceived, betrayal, laziness, recklessness
    - Low self-esteem, Quitters

    - To become the world's greatest engineer.
    - To lead a great legacy.
    - Family.

    - Deep water/ Liars
    - Not fulfilling goals/ Pessimism
    - Failing as a leader/ Bossy people

    Eyes: Dark brown
    Hair: Black
    Height: 48.8 Inches
    Weight: 58 pounds
    Complexion: Brown skin

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