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    Half Breed Warrior


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    Half Breed Warrior

    Post by Raiden on Fri Aug 28, 2015 12:12 am

    Name: Raiden
    Nickname: Lord of Lightning, Hissing Static, Soaring Thunder
    Gender: Male
    Race: Hybrid (Storm Dragon/Human)
    Age: Ageless
    Birthday: September 13
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics:
    1.) Eyes: Raiden's eyes are like many dragons, they have a slit much like a cats iris and this can change to a humans iris, a round one. The only time his eyes change from a humans iris to a dragons is when excited, angered, or happy.

    2.) Anatomy: Raiden's  body resembles that of any normal human but with some minor and major differences, such as his bone and muscle structure. His bones are much denser making him heavier than others, while his muscle structure is quite different. While humans have red, white and pink muscle strands, Raiden's muscles are all pink, meaning that he has not only strength but also stamina as well. Seeing how the red muscles focus on strength factors, while white focus on stamina factors in the body. (This is for RP flavor only)

    3.) Scales: Are layered along the main limbs and other regions of the body, such as the face, brow, chin, jawline, neck, throat, shoulders, shoulder blades, arms, thighs, base of the spine and legs.

    4.) Claws: Despite having human hands, his nails are another story, almost resembling a combination of a talon and a human nail. Though used only to remove abstract items from under his scales can be used as weapons, though not practical can cut flesh very well.

    5.) Horns: Has upon the side of his head and along the crown of the cranium are horn like protrusions, on the side of his skull is two large reverse style ram horns. These horns are much like draconic horns but serve as a more higher purpose. These horns are used to attract a mate, and to fend off other intruding male contenders.

    6.) Tail: Has a scaly like tail that acts as a counterbalance for him when balancing, much like a cats, but also allows for another purpose as well. Much like his horns the more elegant the tail the more likely a mate will be attracted. This is the same colour as his scales and horns, jet black and is about 4 feet long.

    7.) Scars: Has a few scars along his spine, and back from constant combat as well as a few on his chest and arms. Most of them are very hard to see, but ones that are very visible are located on his chest, and back. They both are about four inches long and look as a blade or claw slashed the flesh.

    8.) Tattoo: Upon his cheekbones lies two tattoos that serve only as a personal meaning that Raiden has yet to reveal.

    9.) Goggles: Raiden has been seen to wear a pair of goggles all the time, as it is to be a sort of eye protection from the elements, such as dust. Wind and water that could disrupt his vision, most of the time when not being worn they are resting on his forehead.

    10.) Clothing: Raiden has been seen wearing very calm coloured fabrics, such as dark blues, greens, browns or various mixtures of the mentioned coloured. He tends to wear loose fitted clothing so it does not impair his movement.

    11.) Combat: Raiden unlike others has the ability to leap higher heights than most normal people, as his whole life he was put through vigorous training. His father trained him in the art of evasion/leaping, despite his large size, and weight. He is surprisingly agile and one to be able to leap 8.3 percent more than normal human, while most humans can jump 0.5588 meters or 1.83 feet, Raiden can leap a whopping 7 meters or 22 feet. (For combat and Rp flavor)

    12.) Heightened Senses (Taste): Being a dragon half breed has it's perks, Raiden is able to pick up human and animal pheromones, such as stimulates to fear, happiness and other triggers. His taste can pick up almost any ingredient that a dish has to offer while this is sometimes hard to pinpoint other ingredients. (Rp flavor)

    Personality: A very intuitive and observant person, while retaining a accentuated by the clever and witty nature, producing a being much like his father, holding a sharp and deadly accurate instincts. Much like his father he is a quick and shrewd person that can easily make perfect judgments in the blink of an eye. Raiden prides himself on his meticulous nature, a strong work ethic, and highly energetic nature; however, there are times when he may become too bogged down in the details of the task and fail to visualize or complete the bigger picture. Furthermore, because he is such a perfectionists, he may end up procrastinating and fail to complete all the projects that Raiden set out to complete. Most of the time, he uses the large supply of energy to get his job done even if it ends up being worked on at the last minute.

    While he has much energy he tends to relax after his work is completed, and oftentimes will withdraw and spend some time alone. Due to this he is prone to extreme changes in emotions, and when he is depleted of said energy, he can fall into the depths of despair. During his resting time, Raiden enjoys deeply emotional and intimate conversations with close friends, and quite enjoys expressing himself through art and writing. In fact, Raiden often feels soo emotionly strong that he is able to easily empathize with others and connect to them on a much deeper level. While he most often enjoy spending time with a few close friends, he does sometimes enjoy interacting a larger group, and of course, he also enjoy spending some time alone. He is also a very intelligent and can places strong emphasis on intellectual pursuits.

    When thinking and creating ideas, he tends to take a very objective approach and may at times seem a bit emotionally detached. Because of his strong objective nature, Raiden can communicate and express his ideas with mental agility; however, with so many theories, thoughts, and ideas running through his heads. Raiden as before said sometimes has trouble getting things done, but other times he can't stay grounded in reality. In fact, Raiden is a dreamer, constantly thinking but not always following through as well as others. Though this idealistic and impractical side of his personality is balanced by a rational, intellectual and logical nature, allowing him to analyze situations fully and plan carefully before he takes any sort of action. While he may ponder and vacillate, he tries to rarely make any foolish mistakes, detached he maybe and not overly emotional at times, depsite being a perfectionist.

    He is almost always objective and fair-minded though he can make quicker calls than he likes. He is very people-oriented but often more inclined toward the group than the individual when he feels the need to be this way. While retaining his draconic nature much like his father, Raiden is a clever fellow much like his mother, he likes to learn about others, take small hints from them. Small little details that one would misplace as miscellaneous information and use it as his weapon. Though he is a decent swordsman, and can fight in almost any situation, he prefers the more assertoric route and discover more. Though he likes to play mind games, and can be rather difficult to beat, he does allow others to take him by surprise, and he does often misplace certain information to challenge himself.

    He is often regarded as a sly, and impish person, his mind games are ones that involve him being quite and stature like. And willing to watch and wait, he has however been called kind, Raiden is also this as well, he is kind, caring, and very well verse in talking with others. Frequently seen in taverns conversing with the locals, and being a very friendly person. Though this is another way for him to gain info, but he isn't always trying to learn about his foes weakness and try to overtake them. He does enjoy himself and indulge in the finer things in life, he does enjoy fine food, people and indulge in other acts. Though he prefers to keep those situations brief, and rarely ever tries to take a woman into his quarters, though he is a flirtatious person. Just because he wished not to woo a woman, and be with her for the night, doesn't mean he won't try to get close to her.

    He isn't naturally lustful and tends to be a romancer of sorts, he compliments them and always tries to stay on their good side. He does though retain a slight trust issue, having a hard time adjusting to new area's in fear that he might be attacked, or others being attacked. He can be well open, if you gain his trust, but also noted that constant bothering and bickering can cause certain negative effects. He does retain some form of a anger issue, he suffers mood swings from time to time, and this can cause him to suffer from chronic sadness. Anger, confusion, and depression at times, he could be happy as the bright sun, then switch to the darkest of nights and be at your throat. For this reason he tends to avoid negativity in mass quantities. But all in all, he is a wonderful person to be your ally, and to be a friend and more.

    - Sunny Days
    - Warm Climate
    - People
    - Art
    - Literature
    - Animals
    - Nature

    - Gloomy Days
    - Cold Climates
    - Rudeness
    - Bad Grammar
    - Ignorance
    - Stupidity

    - Family/Friends: Wishes to show others what he can do, and if he can earn the respect of people around him.

    - The Unknown: Finding out what will happen in the future entices him very much, and he always hoped to see what the future will hold.

    - Love: Finding love is one thing that keeps Raiden going, if he can be loved by another he is happy and he would expect to give love back as well.

    - Arachnophobia (Fear): He absolutely hates Spiders and Scorpions, despite him being able to kill them with ease, never like how creepy they looked. If he see's one he will literally go Ape s%#t crazy and either plane A. Kill the bloody thing, or plan B. Run in the opposite direction.

    - Insects (Disgust/Fear): This one is specific in its nature, he hates Spiders, Scorpions, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Centipedes, and Millipedes.)

    - Dragon Slayers (Fear): Raiden was always told by his father to fear Dragon Slayers, as they can kill a dragon with little ease. Seeing how they are weak to them and he himself being a half dragon, is still susceptible to their powerful and deadly spells. (Double Damage by Dragon Slayer.)

    - Anything Creepy (Disgust): This can fall under anyones perspective, but to him creepy is like a centipede, if it makes your skin crawl he avoids and won't touch it even with a one hundred foot pole.

    Eyes: Topaz Gold
    Hair: Chocolate Brown
    Height: 1.9812 meters (6'2" ft.)
    Weight: 111.13 kg (245 lbs.)
    Complexion: Dark Olive Brown, semi-flawless, covered in scales and a few horns.

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    Re: Half Breed Warrior

    Post by Andr01d on Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:06 am

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