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    Sight Beyond Sight


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    Sight Beyond Sight

    Post by Raiden on Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:09 pm

    Name: Sight Beyond Sight
    Type: Enchanted Item
    Rank: Weak
    A pair of black goggles, these much like most things he has on him were either given or made by his mother. These were made for her son, due to his eyes always being blinded by the environment whenever his father would train him. Since these goggles were designed to block dust, wind and water, they are able to keep them out of his eyes when over htem.
    Length: [WEAPONS ONLY]
    Weight: 1.36078 kg (3 lbs.)
    - Lightweight: Since they weigh literally nothing, Raiden doesn't have to worry about them weighing him down in a fight.
    - Eye Protection: These goggles were designed to shield his eyes from various elements, but the most common are, dirt, water, and wind. They do have tinted lenses but these offer only limit protection from the sun.
    Weaknesses: (You must have one more weakness than strengths)
    - One of a Kind: Since these were handmade by Raiden's mother, there are no other copies and never likely will be. Since they are extremely hard to make, and a extremely well made item, Raiden makes sure no one touches them.
    - One size: As stated before, they are a one of a kind made item and as such they fit only Raiden's head. So no other person may be able to wear them other than Raiden, as they maybe too small or too large.
    - Fragile: Though not apparent, the goggles are very fragile, and as such can break if every misplaced or are forcefully removed from Raiden's head. All it would take is three weak rank spells to destroy them, but the spells must target the goggles in order to break them.
    Ability: Enhanced Visual Perspective: The googles known as Sight Beyond Sight are a magical item, and hence grant Raiden a +1 to visual and reaction time when worn.
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    Re: Sight Beyond Sight

    Post by Shini Chikai on Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:30 pm

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