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    Where It Began (Flashabck)


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    Where It Began (Flashabck) Empty Where It Began (Flashabck)

    Post by June on Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:18 pm

    "Ugh, this place sucks." She slammed her fist into a wall as she sat in the room. She was pissed at being told to sit back and do nothing, but she had nothing better to do. These people weren't a threat, and she was a long way from home.

    She looked over to her swords, only wondering what chaos she could get into with them.

    "This world is tainted, and for the dead. This is no place for us."

    "She's mad with hatred. Wield me and let us strike them down."

    She looked at the greatsword and the shortsword, curious as to why they were given the names they were. But they both has souls, it was just the matter in which they used them.

    "Edge and Calibur are funny names." she said aloud, "But if you exist, I'm sure there's other things to occupy myself with..."


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