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    [Event] Iron Fist Tournament


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    [Event] Iron Fist Tournament

    Post by Yoshimitsu on Fri Sep 04, 2015 6:54 pm

    The Iron Fist Tournament is an annual event in the Kingdom of Kai. The great tradition of the The Iron Fist Tournament is that the champion always hosts the next event. They are usually sponsored by big business with donations to ensure that the annual celebration continues.

    The Iron Fist Tournament is a combat orientated celebration of fighters all around the world. It is said that people often come from other worlds to participate, making no difference when the Kingdom of Kai was brought to Pandora just over a few years ago. Rather than a traditional set up for a tournament, it is not the Last Fighter Standing, but rather the best fighter. All participants will have to fight each other for a chance to move onto the next level of the championship. It is common for thousands of people to join the beginning stages of this event, only to leave after a few skirmishes.

    The winner of the event receives a large cash prize as well as their own trophy to symbolize their hard work. Every Tournament is a little different than the last, being shaped however the host pleases.

    The last tournament was controversial and confusing to most. It was regarded as one of the most grand competitions in the history of the event, only to have a very odd ending to the tale.

    The Champion was a warrior from out of this world, he had not lost a single battle. When faced with others he would often drop his weapons to fight his armed opponents with nothing but he brute strength. No one matched his power... besides one fighter. It was said that he was an outlander, lost in time, and had a power that no others could compare to. It was the battle between the two of them that everyone anticipated. However in the final match, the previous champion vanished, leaving everyone in confusion.

    Years passed and the Iron Fist Tournament remained all but a memory. Soon the celebration would begin again, starting the cycle of battles over again. The runner-up from the last tournament hosted it, and his name was Yoshimitsu Manji.

    The rules of the tournament are to be followed to the letter. No one is exempt from these rules. The only time a rule may be overruled is if both parties agree to the change.

    #1.) Everyone must fight all participants at least once. If someone drops out, all future scheduled combats are claimed as a win by default.

    #2.) All fights will be prescheduled in a predetermined area. Participants cannot change where they fight that match, however they may influence the area if agreed upon.

    #3.) Based on the rules of each individual fighter, they may risk their lives to raise the stakes. A Medical team will be present at every match unless both participants decide otherwise. The offical terms for this are as followed:

    Mortal's Edge: No medical team will be present at the match. As a result, it is possible for either participant to lose their lives. They however will receive double the prize money, and an additional Experience Reward.

    High Calibur: The more common method of engagement. A medical team will be present at the event. After the fight, lives will be restored and all injuries will be mended and recovered. The fighters will only receive a monetary reward.

    #4.) No pets, companions or intrusions will be permitted at any event. The only exception is an agreement between both fighters.

    To sign up for this event, you must post in "Little Tokyo" about
    arriving to the large festival. You must sign up at one of the tables prior
    to joining the Iron Fist Tournament.

    [Registered Participants]

    1. Amber Thyst2. Saj Wildflame3. Viktor Vie4. Zack Coyote5. Alexei Sarona
    6.  Lunatic* HC7. Dr. Professor * ME8. Aku Swordborn9. Eli10. Shadowhand* ME
    11. Zinnia* HC12. Eldrich Alphonse * HC13. Akira14. Nissa Drax15. Dende
    16. Toriel17. Roshi18. No-Shi19. Natsu Zenn20. Tyko Japan
    21. Zelos22. Thomas * ME23. Malm Korlif24. Delilah* HC25. Mei* HC
    26. Naisu Shiratori27. Kenpachi Ryusan28. Yung Oji29.  Yoshimitsu Manji30. Saige
    31. Zen Dray 32.  "Yoshimitsu"33. Neo Stigma

    * = Participant has passed preliminaries

    If a spot opens up at any time, a new participant may join. They will not need to post
    and register in Little Tokyo. Instead they will pay a late entry fee of 2,500c.

    At any time, a user may pay 25,000c to skip their preliminary match. However, doing
    so will forbid them to spectate ANY preliminary matches.

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    Re: [Event] Iron Fist Tournament

    Post by Admin on Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:48 pm

    Fight List:
    X indicates a win for the left. O indicates a win for the above.


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    Re: [Event] Iron Fist Tournament

    Post by Yoshimitsu on Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:32 pm

    ROUND 0:
    Wave 1:
    Ryuhei v Bilbo
    Viktor v Aku
    Mei v Ryn

    Wave 2:
    Yoshimitsu v Alexei
    Malm v Toriel
    Naisu v Tyko

    Wave 3:
    Zen v Natsu
    Randous v Lunatic
    Zelos V Roshi

    Wave 4:
    Deemo v Delilah
    Toriel v Aku
    Amber v Saige

    Wave 5:
    Akira v. Dende
    Toriel v Nissa

    Wave 6:
    Roshi v Toriel
    Neo v Saige
    Mei v "Yoshimitsu"

    Wave 7:
    Saige v Alexei
    Zinnia v Thomas

    Wave 8:
    Yoshimitsu v "Yoshimitsu"
    Toriel v Mei
    Lunatic v Viktor Vie

    Wave 9:
    Toriel v Bilbo
    Lunatic v. Zinnia
    Alexei v. Saige
    Kenpachi v. Malm

    Wave 10:
    Akira v Amber
    Alexei v Thomas
    Zack v Saige
    Toriel v Kenpachi

    Wave 11:
    Zinnia v. Bilbo
    Amber v. Zack
    Akira v. Alexei

    Wave 12:
    Akira v. Aku
    Thomas v. Tyko
    Saige v. Yung
    Toriel v. Dende

    Wave 13:
    Kenpachi v Saige
    Professor v. Aku
    Eli v. Chara
    Malm v. Tyko
    Dende v. Nissa

    Wave 14:
    Kenpachi v. Mei
    Alexei v. Lunatic
    Akira v. Nissa
    Toriel v. Tyko
    Delilah v. Malm
    Professor v. Eli
    Chara v. Eldrich

    Wave 15:
    Professor v. Lunatic
    Zinnia v Eldrich
    Toriel v Akira
    Tyko v Delilah  

    Wave 16:
    Saige v. Malm
    Toriel v. Lunatic
    Professor v. Alexei
    Mei v. Thomas

    Wave 17:
    Lunatic v. Eldrich
    Chara v. Alexei
    Mei v Saige
    Professor v Zinnia
    Thomas v Deliliah  

    [Current Queue]

    Malm x3
    Akira x3
    Saige x3
    Eldrich x1
    Toriel x3
    Alexei x3
    (Strikes are given out when the poster fails to make a first
    post. After 3 strikes are given, the user will be dropped from
    the tournament. This has started since Wave 12.)


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    Re: [Event] Iron Fist Tournament

    Post by NPC on Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:29 pm


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    Re: [Event] Iron Fist Tournament

    Post by Kodai on Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:43 am


    1st : Chara "The Last Horseman" (0 Loss)
    2nd : Zinnia / Lunatic (2 Losses)

    Winners will be rewarded.... after I decide what to give.

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    Re: [Event] Iron Fist Tournament

    Post by Kodai on Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:51 am

      Current date/time is Sat Mar 23, 2019 1:23 pm