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    Max's Recruitment.


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    Max's Recruitment.

    Post by Maximillion on Sat Aug 16, 2014 10:50 pm

    Max had just finished repairing Franky, his sniper rifle and was happily hugging it as he walked through the Urban City. It wasn't the best of places to want to go on for a vacation or to even visit for fun, but Max loved the feeling of being inside a city. There were so many buildings, alleys, places with people nobody would even suspect. Every corner of the city was practically a mystery, asking for a new adventure. He was never really scared of the things that could happen, he was fully aware of his surroundings and was capable of getting by own his own, even if that was the un-preferred path.

    His stomach rumbled as he simply looked down on it, rubbing it with his free hand, his other occupied with his rifle. "Gah, I'm really hungry.." He mumbled. He wished he was somewhere full of street food, restaurants and bunches of other foods. Food in the city seemed a little limited, with diners and low class restaurants where he was right know. He could go to the higher districts for more classy food, but all that work... that would just make him hungrier.

    Other than having food on his mind, Max was rather lonely at this point. He enjoyed working with a partner or friends above all, and he'd heard so much about the Legion of Neutrals. He didn't really have any set ideals on what good and bad were, but he was more than likely to get any jobs done if he had to, regardless of what the task is. He wasn't exactly sure how to join, however, which led him to believe he would remain his solo life for awhile. It was then he noticed a man on the street, and he hadn't really noticed anybody else up onto this point, so being the straight forward guy he was, he stopped the guy with a call. "Hey, can I ask you a question or two? I mean, I don't even know if you'll have the answers or not, but I figured, you know, why not, because-.." Max cut himself off, almost ending up oblivious to his classic rambling. "Do you know how someone joins the Legion of Neutrals? Or... any good food around here?" He licked his lips at the thought of food again, jumping with excitement in his mind.
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    Re: Max's Recruitment.

    Post by Andr01d on Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:47 pm

    "Excuse my friend here..." Said a voice behind Max. "He hasn't eaten in a while, don't mind him." He set his hand on the young man's shoulder, almost telling him to walk away from the men. Aknaid was wearing the same suit he always wore.

    His had on his helmet, covering his full face. His body was covered in armored plates. His waist held a futuristic looking belt. His hands however... his hands were the claws of a mad creature. The claws seemed to be an inch long on each finger. It was not a human, no human had claws like those. But to the memory, they did not harm Max, nor did they feel like claws. So what were they?

    "It's better you ask those questions to someone who won't kill you. You never know who could be working for 'The Agency'." Aknaid was paranoid about the organization that littered the streets of his city. He hated The Agency, but he had no man power to take care of them. He needed people

    He needed an army.


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