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    Siggys and joy by Max!


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    Siggys and joy by Max!

    Post by Maximillion on Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:05 pm

    Hellloo, I know Rin already has a store but I'm bored a lot! If you guys want any siggys, just let me know. I'll charge nothing for a siggy, and I'll give a shot at avvys if you want for free too.  

    Here are some of my stuffs:]

    o-o If you want something, just fill this thingie out:
    Siggy or Ava:
    Wanted Pictures:
    Face Claim:
    Theme/Colour Scheme:
    Any words/titles:

    [b]Siggy or Ava:[/b]
    [b]Wanted Pictures:[/b]
    [b]Face Claim:[/b]
    [b]Theme/Colour Scheme:[/b]
    [b]Any words/titles:[/b]

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    Re: Siggys and joy by Max!

    Post by Kaseki on Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:20 pm

    Name: Zeon Eldia
    Siggy or Ava: Siggy and Ava
    Wanted Pictures: Toon Link (evil)
    Face Claim: Toon Link... evil
    Theme/Colour Scheme: Evil?
    Personality: Evil.
    Any words/titles:
    Guild Symbol? Y/N N
    Other:... Make it... evil


    Lance Knighthunter

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    Re: Siggys and joy by Max!

    Post by Lance Knighthunter on Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:38 pm

    Name: Lance Knighthunter
    Siggy or Ava: Siggy
    Wanted Pictures: N/A
    Face Claim: Byakuran from Reborn
    Theme/Colour Scheme: Light colors? (White)
    Personality: Kind
    Any words/titles: "Come with me and see a path of light."
    Other: N/A




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    Re: Siggys and joy by Max!

    Post by Sterben on Mon Aug 03, 2015 6:34 pm

    Name: Sterben
    Siggy or Ava: Signature
    Wanted Pictures: Can resize this for better results.
    Face Claim: Raven Reckless Fist from Elsword
    Theme/Colour Scheme: Bright orange, black and slivers of white.
    Personality: Complex
    Any words/titles: Fire is life, it can give it or take it. Choose how you want my flames to judge yours.
    Other: Make it look rather ornate or cyber punk like.

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