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    Richard, AKA Cockatrice


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    Richard, AKA Cockatrice

    Post by Cockatrice on Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:37 pm

    Name: Richard
    Nickname: Cockatrice
    Gender: Richard
    Race: Falcon
    Age: 10
    Birthday: January 4th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: Richard is a bird, more specifically a falcon. As such, he is capable of flying and anything else a falcon could do, such as having excellent eyesight and being completely carnivorous. Being a bird, he is also unable to hold conventional weapons.

    Personality: Richard is a haughty individual. He believes that he is the king of the animal kingdom, sent to ensure that none of the other animals get ideas about their place in the world. This includes humans. Richard personally despises humans, seeing them as the only obstacle in the way of his taking over the world; while he doesn’t go out of his way to harass them, he is plenty passive aggressive and will gladly fight if goaded. At the same time, however, he views the animal kingdom as his subjects; those living things who swear fealty to him are treated well and protected by him. He is fiercely protective of his ‘subjects’; he will even willingly throw himself into the path of an enemy to protect them.

       Richard’s best talent is his cunning and intelligence, both far beyond that of a normal bird. For a bird, he is incredibly gifted in strategy, able to figure out enemy attacks and move to counterattack. He can even figure out the majority of human devices; while higher technology such as computers elude him, he can easily use simple machines and things like doors. He can recognize human faces as well, and can react accordingly. Also notable is his tendency to collect shiny objects; he likes to hoard anything sparkly, attempting to take them whenever he sees any.

       While Richard is haughty and proud, he can be made to accept other people’s skills. A simple display of power will do for any nonhuman creature, but only complete and utter defeat would cause him to acknowledge a human; he carries a significant grudge against humans who defeat him, but will no longer try to overwhelm them himself. Even if he wins a match, if it was a particularly good fight he will offer the enemy a chance to join the ranks of his subjects.

    -Having subjects
    -Being treated like a king
    -Shiny objects
    -Hoarding said shiny objects

    -Having his pride insulted
    -Animals who refuse to serve him

    -To rule the entire animal kingdom
    -To show those pesky humans who’s boss
    -To find a nice mate and pass on his legacy

    -Being made into a human’s pet
    -Losing all of his dignity

    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: No hair, but brown plumage
    Height: Two and a half feet tall while perched, with a wingspan of five feet.
    Weight: 25 lbs
    Complexion: A light tan color.

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    Re: Richard, AKA Cockatrice

    Post by Kaseki on Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:47 am

    [... chicken.]


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