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    Costume Party (Social)

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    Costume Party (Social)

    Post by Chaostothemax on Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:34 pm

    Alexei stretched lightly, letting out a sigh of relief. It had taken a little while, but the costume party was finally ready. He had dropped letters and fliers all over Pandora, advertising the party all over; he had no idea how many people would show up, but even just a couple new faces would be enough to entertain the God of Chaos. Secretly, he hoped his old friends would appear, but they probably wouldn't recognize him right now anyways. Looking in the mirror, Alexei spun slightly, admiring the outfit he had picked out.
    Shapeshifting was kind of cheating when it came to costumes, Alexei felt, but it had been worth it for this costume. He was Discordia, the God of Chaos from an older religion he had heard of in his travels; he might even have been a predecessor to Alexei. He would have to ask Scylla about it later on. He hadn't shapeshifted since the last incident with Malm, either, but both of those were issues for another day. For now, the party was the important part. He had brought enough food and drink to entertain thirty or so people, courtesy of some of the residents of this town; he hoped they would attend as well, to participate in the breaking down of Pandora's barriers.

    "The party is open," Alexei said, enjoying the sound of his mellifluous temporary voice. "Let's see who attends. This will be fun~!"



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    Re: Costume Party (Social)

    Post by Timmir on Mon Oct 12, 2015 2:53 pm

    "You know. I never thought of you for one to take her time when it comes to putting on a costume." Malm stated as he waited outside the changing room.

    "Oh shut up. I'm not use to this... Kind of thing." He could hear Mouse frustratedly state as the sounds of some kind of struggle could be heard from inside.

    Malm gave a small chuckle. "You sure you don't need my help."

    "I got this." She shouted as her patience was quickly running thin.

    "Alright. Just keep in mind that we are already running late as it is." Malm said with another chuckle. He had no idea what type of costume she choose for this event, but it has to be something pretty difficult to bring this much trouble.

    Giving a small sigh, he leaned back against the wall as he thought about why they were putting on costumes in the first place. It was only a few days ago since they gotten an invitation through the mail about Alexei's party. He was kind of actually surprised by it. It's been a good number of months since he last met his old friend, and he would have thought Alexei would be to busy to do something like this. Though then again he guessed Gods need breaks too every now and then.

    "Ah-ha. Told you I got it. I just really hope I don't have to fight in this." Mouse stated with success in her voice before exiting. She then walked out to reveal her costume.

    "Whoa..." Malm said with some surprise.


    "It's... Uhh... Nothing. I've just never thought you would choose such a costume."

    "Well isn't the point to be something that you aren't. Besides why do you think I had so much trouble. I'm really not use to wearing dresses like this." She said as she looked at herself, obviously not all that comfortable in the costume she choose.

    "Yeah." Malm said as he trailed off for a bit, "Well I guess I should quickly change as well. It wouldn't make sense for only one of us be in costume."

    Mouse nodded in agreement. "You better. I'd probably kill you if you force me to embarrass myself like this by myself."

    Malm disappeared inside the room with a quiet Phos as he began to get changed. He didn't take anywhere near half the time that Mouse took as he opened the door to reveal the costumes he choose for both him and Phos.

    "Well what do you think." He said as he did a little spin to show off both his and Phos' costume.

    "Uhh... Are you suppose to be a priest of some kind or something?" Mouse said slightly confused.

    "Yeah. I thought it would be funny seeing how Alexei is a god now and all."

    "I'm not sure I get the joke, but we really should get going."

    With that, both of them quickly made their way over to where the party was happening. Hopefully they will get there before the party fully begins.


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