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    Saffola Gay


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    Saffola Gay

    Post by Saffola on Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:32 pm

    Name: Saffola Gay
    Nickname: Pack of oil
    Gender: Female
    Race: Dumbass Human
    Age: 28
    Birthday: 31st May
    Sexuality: Gay (And you can't pray it away.)
    Unique Characteristics: The most noticeable disfiguration imprinted on Saffola's body is a burn – a big burn. The burn covers her entire right arm, right shoulder, right breast, and a small portion of the right side of her neck. Her clothing typically conceals the old burns, her neck burn usually being the only visible portion of the burn.

    In addition, there are also small scars along both her hands, signs of a rough and daunting life and liken to fisherman’s knuckles. Furthermore, a tattoo of the Inopia emblem (a smiling swordfish) can be found on the left side of her lower torso.

    Personality: Saffola is your typical maid – a sweet and gentle woman who tends to manifest her joy as a modest smile. She needs very little to be happy though; after all, her optimistic outlook on life tends to see the best in everything and everyone. “The house is one fire? At least we have insurance. There are bears outside? The poor things must be starving.” Definitely a glass-half-full type of person. In fact, she comes off as borderline phlegmatic at times as very little disturbs her flaccid yet upbeat disposition. One might think nothing short of a strike to the face would rouse the woman from her idealistic attitude, although that’s not something one would be wise to test. If one were to awaken Saffola’s hatred, that person would be met with a demon of a woman, a living epitaph to the phrase, “Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.”

    She may not look it from a first glance, but Saffola is an arrogant individual. This makes her for a rather difficult person to work with, especially since she’s able pull her stubbornness off with a sweet disposition at the same time. What her companions might believe is best, she might not… and that’s more than enough incentive for her to ignore them. Attempting to dissuade her from a course of action she’s set her mind to is a challenge in of itself; but there are certain ways someone can appeal to her – greed, revealing a conflict of ethics, or just a simple assertion of dominance (if it works for dogs, it might as well work for her).

    If there’s a flaw Saffola must admit to, it’s her naivety. Perhaps it’s just a side effect of her optimism, but Saffola is a painfully easy person to deceive. If someone told her the sky was yellow, she’d be foolish enough to look up and inspect the sky for a yellow tint. Indeed, no one would be wrong to suspect Saffola is an ignorant person when it comes to the dangers of others. This is quite an anomaly, especially when one considers her topnotch education and short career as a criminal. That’s not to say her trusting nature is entirely bad. No, it makes her quite a magnetic person to be around, particularly for those with a poor reputation that might otherwise be ostracized. There is, however, one specific group of people Saffola is suspicious of – the affluent. Having more than a few bad experiences with the well-off, she tends to keep her guard up around those with wealth.

    Saffola is prone to shy away from the spotlight, not out of shyness but out of modesty. She was taught from a young age that, as a maid, she should retire herself to the background and only step in when necessary. Granted, she had trouble keeping that idea as a child. To uphold this precept, she’ll often go to the extent of surrendering credit for something she did to someone else, unless it would harm that person of course.

    Over the years, Saffola has undergone radical shifts in an ethical sense. As a child, she was your typical little angel, free of corruption. As a teenager and young adult, she polarized and became an ardent thief, highwaywoman, and just a plain thug. Recently, she’s toned things down considerably. The concept of theft is no longer impressive to Saffola, profanity is a complete turnoff to her, and prospect of beating someone mercilessly is outright vulgar for the woman. In fact, when it comes to unwarranted beatings, she will always intervene without exception. Having broken that ethical code herself before, she has no desire to see its effects on people again.

    Vanity is a one-way street for Saffola. While she may be indifferent to other peoples’ choice of ensemble, she is very concerned when it comes to her own. “Prim and proper” might as well be her motto. Every morning, she spends an hour assuring her hair’s appearance. Her outfits must all be ironed, her shoes polished, and her glasses gently cleaned with a soft cloth. Should she dirty her uniform when she’s out and about, she’ll either panic and run off to clean herself or bear through it with an intensely high stress level.

    A wizard must inevitably go to battle at some point, something Saffola has mixed feelings over. She is certainly not a pacifist; her history of spontaneous mistakes is testament to that. Furthermore, she’s very aware that some situations simply can’t be solved with anything less than a fist to the jaw. On the other hand, Saffola should not be mistaken for a brute. On the contrary, she is a very lax woman who prefers a softer approach to problems. She isn't lacking in the restraint department either; when she finds herself on the winning side of a battle, tends to take the merciful route, never harming her opponent in excess; that is, if their human. She's prone to having a field down when it comes to bestial opponents, believing humans to be of a natural higher order than animals.

    As was stated already, Saffola is a stubborn person; and people who’ve witnessed her in battle can attest to this. With an an arrogant approach to fighting, she often has trouble coordinating with teammates on intricate plans, an often frustrating fact for her companions. In a position of leadership, Saffola’s not much more extravagant – she prefers the same old “give it your all” approach with perhaps a few tact team choices thrown in to the plan. The stubbornness is just as real for the enemy, who often finds himself or herself forced to beat the woman to a pulp to make her subsist. It should be noted, however, that this arrogance in battle should not be mistaken for bravery. Rather, it’s more of an honest trouble discerning when to surrender.

    [*]Candy || Most people like candy for its enchanting sweetness, but Saffola is mesmerized by it for its nostalgic properties. Indeed, when she slips a hard piece of candy into her mouth, she subconsciously finds herself in her childhood home, bundled up in her father’s arms and being offered little sweets. It’s a phenomenon similar to when grown men find themselves as children again whenever the smell of their mother’s cooking arises.
    [*]The Under-Privileged || Having fallen on hard times herself, Saffola is quick to empathize with those who’ve run into bad luck themselves. Whether they be the poor or discriminated, the under-privileged have a particularly easy time buttering up her.
    [*]Pianos || Saffola's childhood home was often filled by the charming sound of grand piano. She’s grown to associate the noise of any piano with her childhood, much like the taste of candy. Seeing as how she’s never learned to play the piano herself, she’s prone to savoring a pianist’s tune to its utmost potential in the same manner that a hungry man savors chocolate in his mouth.
    [*]Tropical Regions || Growing up on a tropical cove, a girl gets a liking for the climate: the waving of palm trees and gigantic ferns, the lullaby of the ocean’s splashes, and the intoxicating aroma of fruits. She loves the embracing light of the sun, the howls and whines of jungle creatures, and the never-ending green of the vegetation, which is actually where her preference for the color green derives. There're uncountable rocks to collect, hives of bugs to collect, and rough vines to climb. The assets of a tropical regeion are truly numberless to Saffola!

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