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    Keriga Von Schweiss


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    Keriga Von Schweiss

    Post by Keriga on Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:19 am

    Name: Keriga von Schweiss
    Nickname: Succubus of Poison, The Mistress, Senpai
    Gender: Female
    Race: Succugrimm (Part Succubus, Part Grimm)
    Age: 516 Years
    Birthday: January 6
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: She always holds a part-shotgun, part-spear weapon (i.e. will create the weapon). She stopped aging when she was 23.

    Personality: Keriga is a bit of a somber half-soul. She tends to be quieter and speaks almost only when spoken to. Make no mistake though, her will is not broken, merely suppressed. She speaks with authority and honesty when necessary. just not very loudly. Her mannerisms and speech clearly indicate a forlorn and deeply clever person under the shy demeanor. She tends to be more mysterious than anything, speaking in riddles or displaying a foresight into topics that could only be described as esoteric, as if she could see more than most in a glance. This trait also makes her quite floaty and less capable of understanding dire consequences, as her level of emotions are significantly lower than most. As such, she doesn't feel happiness, sadness, anger, or despair nearly as much as other people. She feels no need to aid or discourage, no doubt troubles her mind, and she doesn't think that urgency is a requirement for any activity. She does, however, still feel the need for social activity, a remnant of her old self wanting strong bonds between herself and others. So while she may not strike up a conversation directly, she might actively put herself in the position to be talked to. She likes to be included despite generally not having anything to add, perhaps as a way to spite her other half. Even so, she does drift off away from people on occasion when something catches her eye or when she's led astray.

    Her state of mind in combat does not change much. She tends to be a very direct combatant, even with her aura, staying in the fight and taking the most capable opponent for her skills. Whether leading or following orders, she seems not to be phased, and not even solely interested in the goals or motivations behind the orders. This makes her quite loyal, as she joins a cause or battle purely for the alliance with someone else and the chance to collect souls. As simple and bland as it might seem, she's actually quite a blank slate when it comes to tactics. Her fighting style incorporates quick, powerful strikes dealt with slow, deliberate calculation, never hurried, but always deadly when unexpected. She cares not for any action or idea of its host, and when summoned shows a distinct lack of friend or foe recognition, and it doesn't take orders from anyone. Perhaps the worst thing to happen to Keriga is the fact that her Aura is tainted by Grimm blood, and so she relies so much more on her own capabilities than her guardian's overwhelming power. She doesn't agree with the price that must be paid in order to use it.

    - Men
    - Hunting Grimm
    - Poison

    - Blood
    - Hunter/Huntress Academies
    - Sweet Food

    - Understanding - She adores knowledge, learning about the WHYS of the world. So she seeks out information.
    - Truth - She is on a journey to understand why she is how she is, for she no longer remembers how it happened.
    - Legend - She wishes to at least leave a mark on this world. A mark that shows that she has contributed to the betterment of the world.

    - Spiders — These eight-legged hairy creatures freak her out.
    - Toilet Paper — She fears running out of toilet paper after taking a dump.
    - Sour Foods — She looks at them as icky disgusting fodder.

    Eyes: Blue, but Purple if her Aura is enabled
    Hair: Moonlike Silver
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 129 lbs
    Complexion: Pale


    Keriga, The Succubus of Poison
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    Re: Keriga Von Schweiss

    Post by Neo Stigma on Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:46 pm

    Great app very well thought of. But a quick tip, next time when making a character app please delete (list at least three.) You don't have to worry about it since i fixed it for you. Hope to see you're rp skills :)


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