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    Cecil Vermilion

    Cecil Vermilion

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    Cecil Vermilion

    Post by Cecil Vermilion on Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:05 am

    Name: Cecil Vermilion
    Nickname: none that I know lol
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 16
    Birthday: june 21 1999
    Sexuality: straight
    Unique Characteristics: Illusions dont work on him.

    Personality: Cecil is a very regal and gentle spirit, he doesn't try to harm anything but his magic causes him to not be able to help it. He is as loyal as lion and is as charismatic as a snake charmer. he loves being able to help people even if they ignore him after the deed is done. he can be jealous and quick to anger at times, usually in dire situations. his mind can wander pretty quickly which is dangerous while he wanders alone on quests because it makes him susceptible to ambushes. he can crack jokes but most of the time he's silent and ignores whats going on. He is also very very intelligent. he loves cats, even in mid combat he could be distracted by something cute and fluffy. he can be very compassionate about his goals and will hurt people if they stand in the way.
    Likes: one thing he deeply enjoys is new things, he loves discovering things and loves to study everything thoroughly to try and find something new about it. another thing he loves is booze, sometimes he just cant get enough. he loves the effects on his brain it gives him. The thing he loves the most though is cats, he has an addiction to their fluffiness and cuddles any cats he sees.

    - Learning new things
    - Kittens
    - Meeting new people

    - Spicy food
    - Stupid people
    - Re-Explaining things

    - he is motivated by Justice
    - He is also motivated by Revenge
    - His masters teachings

    - hurting living things too badly
    - losing loved ones
    - letting revenge push him forward

    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: White
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 170 Lbs
    Complexion: white

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    Re: Cecil Vermilion

    Post by Kaseki on Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:42 am

    Hello, It's me, Dio.

    Please use the template found here: http://www.unknownlandsrp.com/t7-character-template

    And when you're done, post it on the help desk here : http://www.unknownlandsrp.com/t1387-the-help-desk

    Enjoy your stay!


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