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    A New Perspective

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    A New Perspective

    Post by Nameless on Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:54 pm



    She lay there, alone on a floatign island all to herself. Granted it was small, and there were many islands in this area. The Runic Islands were an odd place that anyone could get some peace and relaxation if they looked hard enough. She wanted to enjoy her transition with a bit of quiet. With the celebration of the Iron Fist Tournament going on, she was able to slip through the ranks of the Legion of Neutrals with ease. Now she just had to learn what powers she had in her new vessel, and if it could keep up with the magical prowess of her soul.

    "It's almost as if dying and being a spirit for those mere moments makes me stronger." she said to herself. She has a good view of the beach, as well as the sandy shore of her small island. It was no more than the size of a typical barn, but with solitude made it seem much larger. There was not a single sound in this world besides the wind.

    Where did the people go? "It's relaxing," she said softly, "I enjoy it, nyan~"

    Then she stopped talking. She would have to teach her new body to get rid of that verbal tic.


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