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    Sciocco, the Trickster and Visivo, the Boss

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    Sciocco, the Trickster and Visivo, the Boss

    Post by The Carnivorous Bunny on Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:04 am

    Name: Sciocco and Visivo
    Nickname: Imbroglione/Capo are aliases, and Umano/Diavolo are nicknames for each other that only they use.
    Gender: Sciocco and they body she shares with Visivo are both female, though Visivo identifies as male.
    Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Birthday: April 14
    Sexuality: Bi
    Unique Characteristics: Sciocco has a weird habit of holding something at all times, whether it's a phone, a stuffed animal, or even a frog. In order to communicate with Visivo, She will talk into whatever object she is holding like it is a phone.

    Personality: Both personalities are facinated by the nature of magic, and are eager to learn more about it.

    Relationship between the two alter egos
    Sciocco and Visivo share a body, and come out at different times depending on the situation. Despite them being polar opposites, the two personalities get along very well. Sciocco is the dominant of the two and is the one that is usually in control, though her control over her body wavers constantly. Visivo often give advice to Sciocco, telling her what to do in situations where they are in trouble, taking control if things get really bad.

    Sciocco is a trickster, and enjoys playing pranks on people, both practical and malicious. She seems very open, and most people think she can be read like an open book. In reality, however, she is very hard to read, and can hide secrets very well. Using these two parts of her personality to her advantage, Sciocco prefers to toy with her opponents, using her ability to confuse people and play pranks. In Sciocco's eyes, the world is a game, and she prefers not to take it seriously. Any situation that seems grave and horrible, will seem like fun in her eyes, and she'll just laugh as she faces the challenges ahead.

    Visivo is very serious and prefers to get down to business as opposed to Sciocco's method of mess around with her opponents. Visivo gives advice to Sciocco, giving her advice. He is much stronger than Sciocco, and because of this, will come out when the situation is dire enough. In his eyes, the world is harsh, and knowing this reality, he takes a much more bleak outlook on life then his alter ego. Visivo's style of fighting is much more direct than Sciocco's, preferring to rush in and end the battle as quickly and easily as possible. He analyzes the enemy while Sciocco is fighting, and continues to do so while he is fighting, looking at every aspect of them to try and figure out a weakness and exploit it as soon as possible.

    - Stuffed Animals and other fluffy things. (Sciocco)
    - Learning about the magic of others, and what it can do. (Sciocco and Visivo)
    - The satisfaction and glory of wining a battle (Visivo)

    - Boring people (Sciocco)
    - Being ordered around (Visivo)
    - People who get in their way, both in battle and out. (Sciocco and Visivo)

    - Having Fun (Sciocco)
    - Getting to and staying at the top (Visivo)
    - Discover and obtain the strongest power in Pandora for themselves. (Visivo and Sciocco)

    - Being weak (Visivo)
    - No people and no fun (Sciocco)
    - Losing something they gained (Sciocco and Visivo)

    Eyes: Pink. They turn purple when Visivo is in control.
    Hair: Purple, white when Visivo is in control
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 125lbs
    Complexion: Sciocco has slightly tan skin, and freckles on her cheek. She becomes much more pale when Visivo is in control.

    Sciocco is in control:

    Visivo is in control:
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    Re: Sciocco, the Trickster and Visivo, the Boss

    Post by Toriel on Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:22 pm

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