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    Maria Zaroff of Shipwreck Island

    Maria Zaroff

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    Maria Zaroff of Shipwreck Island

    Post by Maria Zaroff on Sun Aug 24, 2014 1:53 pm

    Name: Maria Zaroff
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Race: Spirit Born
    Age: 18
    Birthday: September 21st
    Sexuality: Definitely Straight
    Unique Characteristics: N/A? Er... Her eyes contains a light hint of blood red upon occasion. 

    Personality: Maria Zaroff was born to Russian General Zaroff in Ship-Wreck Island. She grew up watching her father hunt human beings to satisfy his thrill to hunt big game. Maria was taught the art of hunting and often accompanied her father during his hunts against ‘the scum of the Earth.’ 

    Maria holds a grudge against Mr. Sanger Rainsford, later known to be Kaseki (her mother -dun ask....) in disguise, for murdering her father at the end of the hunt. She stood against him at court passing herself as a maid in order to save herself, where, although Rainsford was proclaimed guilty of first degree murder, he was set free. Upon hearing the verdict, she left back to Ship-Wreck Island, where she upholds her father’s tradition to hunt big game.

    She is a natural born hunter and can play the role of seductress. She traps her victims by setting traps around the island. She then lures her victims to her castle, plays hostess, and brings them downstairs to where they are kept in cages until the hunt. She is kind to her victims for she shelters, feeds, and provides them a place to exercise until, of course, the day of the hunt. 

    In some cases, she lets the sailors go, but they never know the fate in which they had escaped from. She lives happily in her island, but oftentimes returns to 'civilization' for a change of place.

    Maria is a strong leader and oftentimes is seen taking the role. She prefers to stay in the sidelines as a tactician and watching everything unfold yet, when she is needed, is seen taking the position of a sharpshooter/ sniper in battle. She dislikes hand-to-hand combat, much prefering the use of long range weapory, i.e. guns She works fairly well under a leader if, of course, the leader knows what he or she is doing. She also likes going into a fight, if absolutely necessary, with a battle plan at hand although she can very well adapt to the unexpected. At times, she may seem to be bossy, but that is because she has a much better plan at hand. She is also too prideful, which may be both a good and bad thing. 

    - The Hunt. Maria likes the thrill of hunting big game.
    - Her island. Shipwreck Island provides all sorts of entertainment.
    -Her hounds. Her dogs are trained to be the best at what they can do -hunt.

    - Being kept in the dark about things.
    - Challenge to her authority.
    - The uneducated and ignorant. 

    - Although Maria has died roughly three times, she fears her ultimate one in which she may never return.
    - Her father. Maria both fears and respects General Zaroff.
    - Losing everything she has worked hard for.

    - Although she isn't one to admit it, she is motivated to be better than her father at anything. This includes the hunt.
    - Margaret Wolf. Margaret, Maria's adopted daughter, is what has motivated Maria to lessen her killing streak for a while although it was later resumed when Margaret was discovered to have a taste for the most dangerous game.
    - Knowledge. After the discovery of who she really was, Maria's thirst for knowledge grew. 

    Eyes: Crystal Blue
    Hair: Blonde
    Height: 5ft 8in.
    Weight: 130lbs 
    Description: Maria is thin with an athletic build. She is graceful and regal with her movements, ofrentimes being mistaken for royalty, in which she is. She appears kind and sweet, but when you double-cross her, she proves to be heartless and deadly. Her eyes are crystal blue and her hair is blonde. She has fair skin and carries the appearance of innocence and delicacy.
    Everyday Maria:

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    Re: Maria Zaroff of Shipwreck Island

    Post by Kaseki on Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:40 pm

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