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    Post by Scout on Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:04 pm

    Name: Scout
    Nickname: Just.. Scout
    Gender: Male
    Race: Doll
    Age: Actual: Unknown Mentally: 10
    Birthday: February 29
    Sexuality: Sexual Feelings Inactive
    Unique Characteristics: Being a doll, Scout doesn't feel pain. He doesn't have internal organs. He doesn't have feelings. Scout can only disappear if his doll body is burned or his soul is taken. If his stuffing is lost, he has tears, or he is soaking wet; he cannot move.

    Considering he's a rather small doll with very minimal intelligence, it's safe to say that Scout is very childish. He knows very few words but can learn at a rather quick pace. Scout learns mostly by watching others. This is how he guesses what things are good and what things are bad, since he has no way of feeling emotions himself. This is how he developed his "personality". This is how he learned to walk, talk, and run. However, he is still very clumsy in his movements and sentences. Sometimes, Scout will mix up letters or words. He may move a little too quickly for his stubs and fall over. Then again, his walking is normally a bit wobbly so he doesn't run much anyway. Scout never seems to know what to do when he's alone. He always tries to find someone to teach him or push him in the right direction. Although he doesn't seem to be able to think for himself, Scout loves to explore. He loves to go to new places and see new things. He loves to meet new people and find new ways to communicate, so far he has only learned how to write even if it is very child-like. Also because of his small size, it's very difficult for him to hold a pencil like most children, which can frustrate him very much. Scout can also get very excited very easily. When this happens, he may bounce around, run, or wave his arms very fast. Considering he can't talk, Scout always has to be active to get his point across, so of course, he's very full of energy. His mind is always set on whatever is next. He's always ready for the next adventure! One day, he wants to become a boat captain and sail the many waters on the adventure of a lifetime!

    - Learning
    - Helping Others
    - Watching Things Being Made

    - Being Torn
    - Being Overlooked
    - Rudeness and Disrespect

    - To Travel All of Pandora
    - To Make New Friends
    - To Feel Emotion

    - Being Torn to Unfixable Pieces
    - Being Alone
    - Being Soaking Wet
    - Being Blown Away By Wind

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    Re: Scout

    Post by Shini Chikai on Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:58 pm

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