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    My Character


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    My Character

    Post by Sonya on Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:00 pm

    Name: Yuna Seikatsu
    Nickname: Sonya
    Gender: Female
    Race: Forest Sprite
    Age: 18
    Birthday: April 22
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics: Wings: As shown in siggy. Tattoo of wolf (Nox) on the back of her right hand.
    Yuna is a typically shy and bashful girl, yet she can be very friendly and hyper around everyone, especially cute things when comfortable. She likes helping people that are less fortunate than her. She has a fairly low self-esteem and has little to no friends at all, yet she can be very generous to most. She is lonely most of the time but she has no idea why herself, giving herself the only excuse that maybe it is just because she lives in the woods. She is incredibly smart and calculating although she can sometimes be quite a klutz most of the times. She can be seen spending and enjoying her days outdoors, especially cultivating her gardens and tending to the many stuffed animals she has around her house. She can also sometimes be seen working hard on improving her community and helping on making everything run smoothly. Yuna volunteers at her local animal shelter. She's in charge of cleaning, organizing files, and walking and or playing with the various animals. Yuna can easily get distracted when she sees cute things and may oftentimes want to chase it. Such instances have gotten her into trouble, but she can somehow almost always weave her way out of them. Yuna sees the light in the darkness which may oftentimes prove her oblivion to the darkness around her. When needed, Yuna puts aside her childish nature and gets 'down to business.' She takes responsibility seriously and isn't one to give up. She completes her goals despite the odds seeming not in her favor.

    As stated above, she is extremely smart outside and during battle. She is more of the passive type, only going into a fight when the time requires it. Yuna is easily intimidated, but she can hold her own in a fight. When she can, she will try to keep her way out of any conflict. When she does fight though, she relies her brain and oftentimes her magic while fighting, controlling plant life with ease. She works well under an appointed leader and often works as an advisor to them. Yuna can also be seen taking on the role of the leader and is an incredible tactician. She prefers not having any weapons, just using plant life to shield and protect her, but when neccessary, she prefers the aid of a wooden staff because of its correlation with nature. She is a loyalist, fighting for her side until the very end. Bribery doesn't work on her, unless the bribe is something like stuffed animals or sweets *cough cough* Just kidding, although she would be tempted with the bribe and may tend to need persuasion from her teammates to not accept it, she remains strong of heart and to her fellow teammates . Yuna, if provoked, may reach to the point in which her psychotic state appears. There, she has no remorse whatsoever of what she is doing and, of course, no memories. Her pyschotic state does not appear often but when it does apparently show up, her eyes turn to a blood red and along with her eyes, the plant life around her turns bloody red as well. There is no true explanation for her psychotic side or where it supposedly originated from. This state was seen once or so by few and has said to supposedly been triggered when she has lost someone she has loved and cared for, which is one of the many theories. Another theory is if she is put in an extremely dangerous situaion where death is certain. None of these thories have been tested though, for of course, people fear what rumors they have heard of her psyhotic side. But despite this psychotic side and how many people fear the rumors of it, she doesn't have any kind of memory or idea of it even existing within her. Yuna is feared by most in battle but those who know her a bit well, like previously stated before, she can be easily intimidated and that can be easily used against her very well.

    • Super cute things. If it’s cute, she likes it.
    • Sweets. She loves any kind of sweets, but she mostly prefers chocolate.
    • Small animals, but most of all kittens and puppies. 
    • Meeting and talking to people, although she can be very nervous in large groups.
    • Flowers, or nature in general.

    • Rude, obnoxious people.
    • Weed killers. She is a lover of nature so anything that harms the plants, she hates. 
    • Closed encased places
    • Dark places. Plants can't grow without light.

    • She wants to create a guild just like her idolized group, Fairy Tail. Ever since she first saw them, she has wanted to be a part of Fairy Tail and to perhaps, one day, make a guild just like them.
    • Help people. Yuna prides herself in helping people no matter the circumstances. If she can provide assistance then she’s all for it as long, as it is legal. 
    • Finding her childhood friend, Darren. Everything she does not only is to help people, but to help her find her missing friend Darren who disappeared one day and so Yuna took it upon herself to find her beloved friend.

    • Her dream would remain unfulfilled.
    • Loosing everyone she cares about.
    • Afraid of the dark.
    • Being alone.
    • Spiders...
    • People that tend to be intimidating.

    Eyes: Bluish green eyes
    Hair: Silvery green
    Height: Exactly 5ft
    Weight: 78 lbs
    Complexion: Fair skinned/ light tone

    Level: 1
    Class: F

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    Re: My Character

    Post by Kaseki on Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:41 pm

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