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    Senna, The Lantern's Light


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    Senna, The Lantern's Light

    Post by Senna on Fri May 06, 2016 1:55 pm

    Name: Senna 
    Nickname: The Lantern's Light, Sen, 
    Gender: Female
    Race: Fey
    Age: 22
    Birthday: February 23
    Sexuality: ???
    Unique Characteristics: 
    - Senna's  body is covered in faint runes that appear like tattoos, though they glow when she uses magic or at will. Her eyes and hair share similar properties.
    - Senna has fey wings that allow her flight at speeds equal to her level. Max height of 10 meters.

    Personality: Senna the balance between caretaker and protector. She has a warm and loving glow to her, and an unearthly grace. Senna wants to help those in need and those weaker than her or those that are unable to defend themselves. With all things she does, they are done with diligence and grace. Easy to warm up and open to others, Senna is a beacon of hope for those around her. She wants nothing more than to see those around her strive and be happy, even at the cost of her own wellbeing. This drive to do good can also be seen as her downfall, for she could even throw her own happiness and safety out the window if it meant to see someone else in good standings. Senna enjoys being around humid places such as the ocean or lakes, and enjoys time spent under heavy rainfall. The young woman has always felt a special tie to the nature around her, and finds herself most at home among trees and places untouched by man.

    After being released from her prison in the lantern, Senna was drastically changed. Though she retained her good will for those around her, her memories were gone, leaving her questioning everything around her. She became lost in the world, and a bit more reclusive to others. Fear became a drive in her actions, and her former confidence she had before had been weakened into a lessened state. She is pulled between her want to help others and be a good person, but also torn to her unwavering dedication to her master, even if it is at her will. When under his control, Senna appears lifeless, almost like a puppet. Her actions are stiff and her voice is a strange dual mix between the two. Despite this, she still fights to find herself despite her confusion in life.

    - Helping others
    - The water
    - Nature
    - Fish-based foods

    - The dark
    - Undead
    - Evil

    - To cleanse the world of Undead
    - To find her lost memories
    - To be free of her master

    - Being Alone
    - The unknown
    - The dark

    Eyes: Brown/Blue
    Hair: Brown/Blue
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Complexion: Tan/Brown
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    Re: Senna, The Lantern's Light

    Post by Akira on Fri May 06, 2016 4:07 pm

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