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    Dog-Sitting (Solo Job)

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    Dog-Sitting (Solo Job)

    Post by Mei on Sun May 08, 2016 4:12 pm


    Job Title: Dog-Sitting
    Job Requirements: 2 characters max. 75 words per post, 10 posts minimum each
    Job Location: Urban City
    Job Description: Joe needs somebody to take care of his dog, George, so he put up a flier. You accepted the flier; take care of Joe's rambunctious dog until he gets back from the movies. Beware, this dog likes to get into trouble!

    Make the dog do crazy things as a chance to receive a bigger reward from Joe!
    Reward: D-Class Reward Dice

    Mei had only been in the land of Urban City for about 2 days and it was her very first time. So, of course, the small child was very confused and had gotten herself lost. Nonetheless, Mei would turn the whole new world into an adventure. The city was now her Kingdom and she was its queen. Captain Hoppy would be the city's noble knight and Yoshi, of course, would be the king, although this time she would have to pretend he was on a journey to another kingdom. For the past few days, the small brunette would not lighten up on her imagination. Eventually though, things would become rather dim. What was she gonna do?

    As Mei waltzed the streets of her kingdom, a flier would capture her attention. "Oh no! Captain Hoppy, our citizens need our help! Do you see this paper?" The pint sized girl would shove the paper into the stuffed toy's face before pulling it away to read it. "This poor man just wants to go and see a picture! He wants nothing more than to enjoy himself... alas, he has.. a puppy! We must go and help! What kind of queen would I be if I let my people be sad?!" So, Mei would run off not exactly knowing where she was supposed to go. Soon, she would make it to the destination with not a moment to spare. The small child would take a few breaths before knocking on the door. Mei only hoped the man wouldn't mind her being so small.


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