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    Sora Kurohiryu [WIP]


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    Sora Kurohiryu [WIP]

    Post by ESPER on Mon May 16, 2016 6:07 pm

    Name: Sora Kurohiryū
    Sora Uchiha
    Gender: Male
    Race: Shinobi
    Age: 21
    Birthday: December 1st.
    Sexuality: Hetrosexual [Straight]
    Unique Characteristics: (Does your character have scars? Do they have tattoos? Do they wear a funny hat all the time? List all of that, here. If you have chosen an usual race, please let us know EVERYTHING about it here!)

    Personality: Sora's a peaceful person, he tends to not enjoy violence and fighting although that does not mean he isn't good at it. To one such as he violence is pointless and the act of unjust killing angers him greatly, his constant views of peace tend to make him quite the pacifist although he will fight if necessary he tends to try to talk about things first although he isn't stupid with this for example if he was to fight a perfectly reasonable enemy he would try to negotiate a peaceful way to end the fight although against someone who is beserk or clearly has no interest other than to fight he will not attempt to talk them out of it.

    He takes no joy in killing people, even those who have done terrible things against him or what he cares about he can never kill in pleasure or enjoy taking a life. He is capable of doing so but will not enjoy it in any way, the closest he can get to pleasure from ending someone's existence is simply the feeling of being glad they are dead from what they are done, this sense of relief is all he feels. He hates death and this could be attributed to when he was forced to choose between the laws and what was the orders of those above him or the life of one of his best friends, the decision he made changed him forever in that regard.

    His mannerisms are quite traditional, he has proper etiquette and speaks in a formal tone although he tends to bow when meeting someone, he has developed the habit from when he was younger to kiss a woman's hand although he tends to get embarrassed when it is pointed out to him by others. He tends to let other's speak first and rarely bursts into a conversation, he is a very respectful person which he demonstrates by using proper honorifics when necessary and formally addressing people with their ranks such as Hokage and any other titles.

    His overall respectful nature extends to the laws of where he is, he follows them with pride and tends to obey them due to his respect of rank, he tends to respect others if they respect him although those that are rude to him or others for no reason often make him angry at them. His willingness to stand up for others tend to have the negative effect of making him willing to put his own life on the line for others.

    Sora's age comes with great knowledge and wisdom, he is well aware of the past and what happened in history. This makes him a well informed person although he tends to write down things as to not forget them since he has lived so long his memory tends to forget a lot of things which are from his past due to the amount of memories and information he tries to keep in his head. So while he is incredibly knowledgeable this tends to act as a double edge sword since he can sometimes seem forgetful.

    While he is sometimes a little serious while giving orders and managing things he is overall a very nice and kind person, he likes to smile and enjoys conversation with excellent social skills. He likes to spend time with other people since he is a socialite in a few aspects, he however doesn't like to

    Likes: (Please list 3 Minimum)

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